April 29, 2007

Good 'ol Fiesta! -w/ PICS

So, theres' nothing like enjoying a beautiful day at the King William's Fair -until . . .
You realize that your entire family is now haunted with horrible colds!   We just thought that we were dealing w/ typical allergies.  Kryssa slept for a long while -from about 5:45pm till about 8:40pm!  Not to mention that she had already taken her daytime nap .  .  .  Chris also fell asleep when we got back to my mom's house and I was exhausted enough to crash out on my parent's bed but I fought it off and tried to just enjoy hanging out w/ my parents. 
Well, last night, for me, was horrible!!  I was waking up about every hour because of a horrible stuffy nose . . . I have my trusty nasal spray but it wasn't lasting as long as it normally does.  Then this morning, my body was super achy, my throat was swollen and in pain, my ears felt as if q-tips were stabbing the insides -I also had so much pressure in my head that my eyes and ears felt like they were going to burst!  Oh, I still feel miserable; but I have been laying down all day and my body still just isn't comfortable.  I wish I had some better nasal spray -for those of you who don't know . . . if I can't breathe through my nose, I'm miserable and super aggrevated.  I must be able to breathe through my nose -MUST!!!
So, thankfully, Kryssa and Chris don't have it as bad as I do -they went out to eat and then to run some errands and make my weekly grocery run.  If it weren't for Chris going for me, I don't know what I would have done.  I had showered and dressed, thinking that I would be 'okay' to go to the store; but by the time I finished getting dressed, all the aches in my body were just too overwhelming for me to think of driving and walking through the store . . . ugh!! 
I guess being ill here and there comes along w/ home child care?!  I remember being ill frequently my first year of working at the daycare . . . now, it's in my home and it's harder to avoid.  If one gets sick, somehow it just passes to another if not everyone!
I just pray for a great night of restful sleep so that I can function tomorrow w/ the kiddos . . .   "Waaaaah!  I just want to feel better!!"
Here are some pics of the fun we did have yesterday!  Thank God that I at least had Saturday to enjoy!!

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