May 17, 2007

It's sooo not fair!!!

So, Kryssa and I went out to visit with Chris (at Chick-fil-a) for a bit.  We got there at about midnight and didn't get home till about 1:30am!!  Kryssa was asleep by then, of course, but I still had to unload and put away the groceries.  I also had to clean up toys, clothes, shoes, dishes, trash, litter box, etc. . . . Well, I called Chris when I got home, around 1:30am, and he was already asleep.  Yes, he slept outdoors, in a tent and all -but how did he manage to get more sleep than I did?!?!  Ugh!!  I did so much running around, trying to make everyone happy and content, that I ended up getting the least amount of sleep.  He did have to wake up to be back in line, through the doors, by 6:30 am (while I was working on only my 3rd hour of sleep -I didn't go to bed until about 3:30am and I didn't fall alseep right away.  I haven't had to sleep w/out Chris, in our house, Ever! -we moved in in 2004; so it's been about 2 1/2 years!!  It wasn't easy falling asleep knowing that it was just me and Kryssa -w/ our kittens and puppy for 'proctection' (Well, besided God's protections -but you know what I mean, right?! As if our kitties and pup would proctect us! LOL)  Anyway, once Chris got his 'prize' he came home and slept .  .  . he got to sleep until 10am, while I had already been awake for 2 hours.  I only got about 4 hours of sleep!  -not to mention that when Chris went upstairs, he was on the phone and I didn't go back to sleep until he stopped talking, crawled into bed, cuddled up w/ me, and fell asleep -that was probably about 30 mins before I was to wake up ---and those mins. of sleep were the best out of the entire 4 hours because my mind was at ease knowing that he was right there next to me -ahhh. . . .
So, how is it fair that he is the one that wanted to camp out and sacrifice his sleep -yet, I was the one that got the least amount of sleep (restless sleep)?!   SO NOT FAIR!!  But he sure did have a blast and win some little things here and there for himself and Kryssa --not to mention, His supply of coupons for his free meals.
 So, coffee should have kicked in by now . . . but . . . mmmm, I still don't feel anything other than sleepy . . . ? . . . !

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