April 20, 2007


So, Mondays are our 'workout' days (I am sooo happy that Chris has started to go w/ me). . . .which was today.  I was really hoping to play tennis again today but it was very important for Chris to come home and watch his show . . . anyway!
So, he ran his mile and I walked 3!!  Woo hoo for me!!  hee hee.  I ran half a mile and walked the rest.  Oh my shins were BURNING W/ PAIN!!!  I haven't run in yeeeeears!!!  So, I am working up to being able to run again . . . we'll see how next week goes -hee hee.  I really enjoyed being out there in the wonderful breezy weather.  Oh, boy!  I sure enjoyed my me time today!!    Just me, my ipod, the beautiful weather, and God!!  Chris went home after he ran . . . I still had quite a bit of walking to do; but, really, that was perfectly fine w/ me -that meant that I got to be allll by myself to unwind from allllll the stuff that life brings . . . you know?! . . . . Wow, I had a great work out . . . lol, I jammed out to Ace of Base and that really got me in the mood to 'Work It'!! LoL!!!  I sure had a variety of music goin' on today . . .
So, my body feels tired BUT GREAT!!  I am sooo happy w/ the results that I have been seeing (Chris is finally noticing results too -Yay!).   Praise God for wonderful friends and family!  Thanks for all the support and motivation. 
I should have listened to my mom and taken before pics -I was just too grossed out to think that one day I would 'want' to look at the 'before' pics -or even let others see them; but NOW I see how I would love to look at the before pic right now because I know what a difference there is -but not everyone knows just by looking at me . . .oh well, that's okay.  Maybe I should still take some of how I look now because I still have a lot more to shed off.

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