April 20, 2007

Dallas trip

So, it starts w/ going to get my hair cut Friday -I don't think that I feel the same about my hair stylist anymore.  I don't know what she was thinking when she chopped my hair!!!  You'll see it in the slide show  -I'm doing my best these days to manage the hair that she did leave on my head . . .
So, after my hair cut, I rushed home to pack and get on the road.  We were running just a little late until Kryssa decided to climb in the front seat, while we loading the trunk, and spill chocolate milk allllll over the driver's seat!!!  Ugh!!  So, that took another 30 mins or so to finish doing what we were already doing plus clean up the mess before having to sit on that seat.
We got gas from Walmart and happened to run into my parents there, in the parking lot.  It was nice to run into them -my mom gave me the sweet little compliment that I needed to help me feel a little better about my hair.  As we were chit chatting, from one second to the next, literally, the breeze became chilly and then the rain drops started . . . it was pouring buckets until we passed San Marcos; so what was supposed to be an hour and a half trip, turned into 2 hours or more.  At points, I had to drive 45 miles an hour in order to be sure of where my lane was -it was pretty crazy . . . but I really do LOVE driving in the rain -so, it was quite enjoyable for me.
We played wii at my sister's, in Austin, until everyone was falling asleep.  So night night we went and slept for about 5 hours until we had to "wakey wakey" to dress and hit the road again . . .
Oh, we were doing great on time, to get to the Hotel w/ enough time to dress for the wedding, until we took the wrong exit and had to drive who knows how many miles before we could exit and try to make it back on track . . . Ah!!!  Instead of getting to our Hotel room at 12:30, we got in our room at 1pm!!  We should have left at 1:15 to be at the church at 2 (especially since we saw the traffic in the direction we needed to go was stopped for miles ).  Well, I didn't get down to the lobby until 1:40pm and we still needed to stop and get gas.  So, I knew we were going to be late . . .
Finally, 2:32pm , we pull up into the parking lot and I rush in while Chris parks.  I ask if it is still going on and I was told that it was over with already.   **I have never known of a wedding to be exactly 30 mins long -starting on time and ending on time!  So, good for them, I guess -punctuality is a great quality** I get to see Imelda as photographs are being taken.  The reception wasn't long either: fruit, juice, cake and cupcakes . . . slide show of Bride and Groom and then group photo and ta-da!  All done!  But yay for them, the sooner they could get out of there, the sooner they could start their honeymoon!!   hee hee
So, it's going on 4pm and we have the rest of the time to enjoy for ourselves -which we thought we would be busy all day on Saturday.  So, we had a wonderful dinner as a family -splurged a bit and enjoyed every single bite and drink!! hee hee  Mmmm! **steak, shrimp, crab legs, trio cheese cake plate -3 slices of cheese cake, each one w/ a different topping!! Oh, so delicious!!-
We tried to get together w/ all my family that lives over there: 2 sisters and 1 brother . . . it was all last minute, seeing how we thought we would be crazy busy all weekend.  Well, we ended up getting to have breakfast w/ my brother's family  - it was sooooo Wonderful to see them!!  Then we met up w/ someone that I went to middle school with!!  It was great . . . so much time has passed, (since 1997, I believe) yet, thanks to myspace, it didn't seem like we had 10 years of catching up to do.  It was GREAT! 
So, in between the main events that took place, we had some great, silly, adventurous, family moments . . . sums up to a Fantastic weekend trip!!!
So, here's the slide show:

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