April 23, 2007

Here kitty, kitty . . .

I might get to adopt two little kittens!!!  I am too excited . . . I sure hope we decide to get them!
I know, I know, I have a dog and kids all in the same house . . . but I originally wanted a kitten back in September, when I was, against my will, convinced to get Skylar . . . lol, don't get me wrong, I like Skylar -for the most part- aside from the 65 lb dog that doesn't know how to be all that gentle sometimes . . . or her toots that stink up the bottom half of our house -lol!!!  She's eager to please and what she knows, she does (sit, down, off, hush, fetch . . . )  I know I will only be adding to my, already, busy day -but I just can't help it.  I adore little kittens and I've been wanting one for several years now. 
The way I see it is:  If I am the one that is home all day long and will have to do the majority of the work -if not all of the work- and I am okay and willing to work something out . . . then why should anyone else be complaining about it for me!  Right?!  I mean, I do appreciate opinions -because maybe I really haven't thought this out in every angle yet; but the ones that say "Michelle, it's going to be a lot of work . . ." -I know!  I do, but how rewarding will it be to cuddle up w/ one, or both, at the end of the day -or several times throughout the day!? hee hee -our dog doesn't know how to "cuddle"! lol, she smothers and licks and gets all gittery with excitement when she gets any type of attention.  I miss the soft little kitty paws mushing around to find a comfy spot . . .
So, for now, this is how I feel.  For now, this is what I want . . .
I am open for opinions and insight I might not be aware of.

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