April 17, 2007

Deal ! ! !

Gotta love my Crazy Husband!! . . . lol, I guess it comes in handy on a different level -lol!!

He's out at Sunset Station auditioning to be on Deal or No Deal . . . and they are looking for some 'interesting', energetic people to go on the show for a chance to win some serious money . . .

****As silly as it may sound to some, for others -it's what we do, please say a little prayer that things go in his favor . . . I know, I know, "what's meant to be will be" is what I always say -but I also know that when two or more people come together in prayer . . . 'things' happen -hee hee
Hey, everyone has dreams, right?!  -and his is to get on this show and win some serious money . . . to do some serious things in his life time.  I sure love how he dreams BIG!!!  And he's out to get it -one way or another . . .
Either way, he's out there standing in line waiting for his 20 second chance to show the producers that he IS someone they should put on the show!!  I'm sure he's having quite an adventure out there.  It's kind of like my American Idol experience -it wasn't 'meant' to be for me but it was one heck of an experience!!

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