January 21, 2007

Day . 13

It's going very well -still!  Praise God!!  So, this is MY blog and I figured not to have shame about me and all of me.  This is my progress for self motivation and maybe to motivate someone else too -who knows.  So, my starting weight on the 9th of January was 166lbs.  Today I am happy to say that my weight is down to 162!!!  Tonight, on my ab lounge, I did 115 Basic crunches -PLUS I up'd my Lateral crunches (oblique work out) from 25 on each side to 30 on each side (I love all that I can do on my Ab Lounge).  So, add it all up and it's how I've lost my 4 lbs -along w/ making some healthier food choices. 

My long term goal is approx. 120.

Before I married (2001): unhealthy, twiggy, 107.
When I married (2002): 115
Pre Pregnancy(2003): 122
Pregnancy (2004)took me all the way up to 176! (due to strict bed rest in the hospital, for an entire month! -and NO excercise)
Post Pregnancy (Aug. 2004): 156
Day 1 of working out (Jan. 9th): 166
Day 13 of working out (Today):  162
Yup, so this is ME!   . . . Oh, I'm getting there . . . slowly but SURELY!!! -with the help of my wonderful personal trainer (our bestest friend) and the support of my Hubby, family, and wonderful friends!!!  Thanks!  and Praise God for it all too!!

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