January 11, 2007

Day 2

Okay, this will sound silly; but I did a total of 95 plus . . .
The silly part is that, remember I was going to aim for 45?  well, I did the 45; but I had my feet/legs differently from the night before (I was trying out which way would work better); but the whole time I was doing the 45, I didn't feel anything by dizzy!  LoL, I don't think that I did them right or something.  I mean, I'm sure it worked my stomach out more than not doing anything; but I wanted to feel the burn again, like the night before so then I did another 45 my original way . . . which gave me a work out; but then I just kept on going.  I was told if I could do more to do more -so I did . . . I stopped counting when I got to 50 (the second time).  So, I know that I did 50 plus some w/ my feet just resting on the pedals and then the first set of 45 -that didn't really feel like anything . . . I sure felt it this morning though -in a GOOD way, of course.  I am going to aim for 100 tonight -w/ my feet just resting on the pedals . . . that should be a work out!!
Bye bye FAT!!!! LoL

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