January 1, 2007


So, I don't know how long it's been since my last blog; but I thought I would start the New Year off w/ one! hee hee.
Chris goes back to work tomorrow and that alone will be an adjustment for all of us.  His promotion has been a wonderful blessing for our family.  Everything really seems to be going well.  I am not supersticious so I'm not knocking on wood over here or anything -ha ha ha . . .  I am just thankful to God for the time that he allows our life to run smoothly.
You know, there have been a couple of people that insist that 2007 is going to be "The Year" for me and Chris (and Kryssa, of course).  I pray to God that 2007 will be a mark in History for us.  What exactly -don't really know yet -I just know that a lot has gone on for us, with us and to us (especially me -booooo!)  So, I'm ready.  Not like the fact that a new number appears behind the 200_ means that everything is now better; but we will live through each month, yet, another time -all that's ahead of us, we have the opportunity to do something differently to get a different (better) result . . . okay, well, anyway -maybe that's just me being all deep in thought -lol!  So, needless to say, I AM THANKFUL FOR 2007 AND WHAT IS TO COME!!!!  "What is meant to be WILL be!"
So, our holidays have been absolutely wonderful.  I just love spending them w/ close family and friends and that is exactly how it went.  Our families mixed w/ some Uncle Jesse and Tia "Issa", Tia Monchica, "Uncle Boocas", Izzy Bear and Lani, and Tia Ciara = WONDERFUL Times!!
Last night was just as wonderful! My sis, Jackie and her family happened to be driving through town, heading back home, so they were able to stop by and join in on our New Year's Celebration.  It was super Fantabulous to get to see them all!!  After they got back on the road it was already 11:15pm -really close to the fireworks show time- so we played a little bit of Cranium Pop 5 and then we bundled up and headed outside.  I actually popped some fireworks that required fire and gave a big boom!  lol, I normally just stick to my Sparklers and Poppers!  hee hee.  Well, Chris and I had a blast lighting those things and Everyone else enjoyed watching -hee hee.  Our parents just sit back w/ Kryssa and enjoy the show.  Chris and Poppa bought this huge 26 shooter or whatever they are called.  Basically, at midnight, Chris lit a triangle shaped box -the box set off a total of 26 beautiful fireworks waaaaaay up in the sky -the ones that take off w/ a BIG BOOOOM and end w/ beautiful designs, colors and any combination of crackle crackle, whistle, Pop!  It was GREAT!!!
After we cleaned up our section of the street -the enormous mess-ha ha ha, we all came inside to eat Menudo that my mom had made here and then for dessert we ate Capirotada (Mexican Bread Pudding).  It's an old family tradition/dessert that our Grandmothers used to make and I want to carry on the dessert/tradition so I made it w/ my mom for the new year -New Year = New Dessert -for Chris, that is.  He had never tasted Menudo and we got him to taste it last night.  It was halarious because he was soooo scared of what it might taste like that he just put it in his mouth and SWALLOWED it -w/out chewing any of it LOL!!!!  He was so cute -the faces he was making!  LoL.  So then I got him to taste the capirotada; I made sure to tell him to chew and not just swallow.  His response was, "It's okay . . ." and then I asked if he wanted any more, I was thinking he actually liked it -but he quickly said, "No, thanks, you can have the rest." -hee hee at least he tried it though.    Good for him!
So, now Chris is sleeping in and Kryssa and I are lounging around, for now.  Maybe we'll go shopping later.  Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention how we have been working on our house.  We bought a garage door opener, which is really exciting to us!  lol.  We are buying a really nice medicine cabinet for our bathroom, a futon for the 'second living' area, downstairs -it will be a sitting room.  Chris has found a cute little corner wrap around breakfast table and bench thing for our breakfast area and then the upstairs guest room is turning into our "Game room".  Our old tv from downstairs is going in that room, another futon is going in that room and my Ab Lounge (that we just bought -I'm super excited to see some results!!), some weights and Chris even said an excersice ball will end up in that room too!!!  My "music" room should stay my music room -I haven't heard anything about that changing -Yet.  Kryssa now has the Full size bed  that was in the guest room (which she absolutely LOVES) and any guests that we have will now have an option of the downstairs futon or the game room futon (See, Ciara, you will have some options now!! hee hee . . .  So, shopping we should go today!! hee hee . . .
So many wonderful things to look forward to:  I start taking care of a little girl on the 8th (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays- I just love the days and hours -oh and the family!!).  Then, some time next month I start teaching music and vocal -which I am SUPER DEEEEE DUPER excited about (a little nervous; but ready for the opportunity!)  Oh, and we are "planning" for another little 'baby Mayfield' for 2008!! -life doesn't always go as planned, so we will just see how this all works out!  hee hee maybe sooner , maybe later  . . . it's all in God's Hands -what's meant to be Will be!! 
So, in all that you do -Be Blessed and enjoy any and every moment to it's Fullest . . . Happy 2007!!!

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