January 2, 2013

Week 14: Lemons and Fireworks

How far along? 
14 weeks on 1/2/13.

How big are the Twinkies?
According to The Bump, the babies are approximately the size of:

(pretty soon, I won't be able to hold both items in one hand)

How am I feeling?
I've been feeling fantastic! (besides fighting off the nastiest cold and sinus infection I think I've ever had.  I've been sick since Christmas day and my body does NOT feel like itself.

So, when I say I've been feeling fantastic, I am referring to feeling fabulously pregnant —finally!  I don't question whether this is real or not.  I do, however, still have my "wow, I'm so incredibly amazed that this is really happening" moments.  But I know that I am pregnant with twins.  I don't feel like I'm living out a made up story; or living someone else's life.  :)  This feels very real now!

I'm still very happy to say that I have not gained 2lbs yet.  For sure, I have gained one pound.  I am flirting with a few ounces here and there —trying, trying, trying, to hold off on making it a whole other pound.  I do know that at some point the scale will show higher numbers; I'm just not willing to let that happen all at once.  And definitely not this early!  I have plenty of pre-pregnancy weight to 'play' with before the real pregnancy weight starts to add up.

What do I miss?
I miss showering without having to guard my very sensitive "milk makers" from the spraying water.  TMI?  Oops!  I forget that exists.

I'm really enjoying every part of the pregnancy at this point, that I haven't found myself to be missing much lately.

This week has been a great one, aside from the nasty cold and sinus infection.  Nausea almost non-existant.  Moods feel stable.  Hunger, for the majority of the day, doesn't control me anymore.  (I think that will change soon, though.)

The crazy hormonal hairs that are popping up on my tummy... and chin.  Definitely keeping tweezers on hand.  ;)
Not getting a good night's rest.  :(  I had hoped that would only happen towards the end of my pregnancy and, of course, it's a given that sleep will not happen much once the bundles of joy arrive.  I haven't had a "normal" night since about September/October, right around the time when IVF treatments started.

I'm super annoyed that I've had this horrible cold and sinus infection since Christmas!

But enough about being annoyed...

Mmm... Spaghetti and meat sauce —still.  Cantaloupe.  Tempura sushi rolls (cooked).  Oh, and my favorite go-to night snack is Triscuits and tiny medium cheddar cheese cubes.  (I don't know how healthy or unhealthy that is... but it's my favorite right now and it helps hold me over until breakfast time.  Maybe I should go back to almonds and walnuts?!)

Highlights of the week?
Saying goodbye to 2012, even though it brought us many new challenges, great changes, and priceless memories, was an amazing, joyous, feeling!  Since 2007, each year would go by and we'd have our sad, sad, thoughts of, "I really thought we'd have another baby by now... or at least be pregnant."  Now I can definitely say that those moments are in the past!!!  It was just such a amazing feeling to start a new year with twins on the way; such an amazing blessing.  We can now say, "We are expecting our babies THIS summer!".

We had a wonderful celebration, just the three of us, to bring in the new year:  a movie, fireworks, tears of joy, and sparkling cider!

 Belly watch:

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