January 9, 2013

Week 15: Snickers and Gender Reveal Planning

How far along?
15 weeks on 1/9/13.

How big are the twinkies?
 According to The Bump, the babies are approximately the size of:

How am I feeling?
I've been feeling sleepy and groggy.  I think my 'sickness' carried over to allergy issues.  ( I read that there is a such thing as "pregnancy congestion".  :(  Go figure!)  

I have been quite productive lately, with house chores.  That's a HUGE deal for me right now! 

I'm pretty hungry most of the day.  I'll eat a meal and then about 45 mins to and hour later I'm ready for a snack.  My mouth can't always handle all that munching.  I actually have moments where I am tired of eating!

Okay, so I've finally hit the two pound increase.  I ended up keeping those ounces on and now the numbers are moving...

I have, however, not been as "good" about avoiding certain junk foods.  I think it's more of the little bit of this and that, here and there, that is finally adding up maybe?  I still check the nutrients of what I'm eating, to see if it's worth eating (protein, vitamins, etc.).  But I'll eat a little of 'this and that' just for the sake of eating something that I want vs what I or the babies need.  (shame on me, I know.)

What do I miss?
Sleeping on my tummy.  I can't even roll over, from one side to the other, without having to lift myself, on my elbows, to avoid rolling on my tummy.  

Nausea only hit once this week.  Headaches and backaches come and go.  The worse thing, that has me really concerned, has been the paralyzing endo pains!! :(  I've been woken up by pain throughout the night or when coughing, sneezing, laughing, gagging (from brushing my teeth —happens every single time I brush.)

Chris's indecisiveness (about cloth diaper choices, gender reveal decisions...).  Maybe I was requiring too many decisions in one week?  Oh, and here's a pro and a con:  I still can't tolerate sweet stuff/sugary stuff all that much.  It's a good thing —so I don't always eat sweet stuff, like I used to.  But sometimes I just really want to enjoy something sweet.  I can't even tolerate more than a few slices of an apple.  I love bananas but I can't eat them unless they are practically ALL green.  I used to like them tart; now I need them to be tart.

Sweet Tea (that's not going to happen —because of the "sweet" in it and also the caffeine.).  Snickers candy bars (I've had some; but only a little at a time, so I can enjoy it).  Medium-well steak (since I read that all meat has to be thoroughly cooked, no pink, that's just not going to happen either).  I'll survive.  :)

I'm still loving cantaloupe and spaghetti with meat sauce.  (not together, of course!)

Highlights of the week?
I had a prenatal appointment on 1/4 and got to record the sonogram of the twinkies moving around.

Our Gender reveal party is set for 2/9. (Chris made some awesome invites!)  We are super excited to be able to buy and plan according to their genders.  

KJ is getting more and more excited about her baby siblings.  She loves on and talks to my belly every day.  :) 
*A few days ago, we were on a two hour car ride and I just mentioned to Chris how I wasn't feeling well, nauseated from the car ride, and she said, "Daddy, do you still have Cherrios in the car for mommy?  Mommy you want some Cheerios?  That helps you feel better!"... how thoughtful of her! ♥

Belly watch:

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