January 16, 2013

Week 16: Avocados and 24

How far along?
16 weeks on 1/16/13!

How big are the twinkies?
 According to The Bump, the babies are approximately the size of:

How am I feeling?
  So far, I feel this is probably the most energy I've had yet.  :)  However, if I walk too much or stay on my feet for too long, my back suffers the most.  I've been getting real sleepy and ready for bed around 9:30/10pm.  —For me, that's rare!  (A few nights ago, I fell asleep around 10pm and didn't wake up until almost noon!!)

Well, I know I'm pregnant... and I know I will be gaining weight; but I admit, I was shocked when I got on the scale and saw a total weight gain of 4 pounds!  (What happened to just teeter-tottering half an ounce here and there?!)

I'll get real:  with my first pregnancy, I started at 122.  After 8 weeks of bed rest, and after delivery, I weighed 176.  That change was very very hard for me.  From then to before this current pregnancy, the lowest my weight had gone was only about 164.  But then, unfortunately, I would gain it all back.  

So, when we started our IVF journey, my "starting weight" was 176.  By making healthier choices (less sugary items, less fried foods, minimal sips of decaff soda and coffee, here and there, zero sweet tea, and only water, water, water, etc.) I have been able to avoid gaining as quickly as I thought I would.  I am now weighing 180lbs.  It is still uncomfortable for me to see; but I know, with more determination, dedication, and self-control, I can continue to maintain a steady gain throughout this pregnancy.  (unless these twinkies are Hulk babies or something... haha!)

Chris had to remind me that 4 pounds in 4 months of pregnancy, from carrying twins, is a great start.  I'm so thankful for my hubby!!  He really helped me not feel so bad about the new numbers.  (again, I know that I will be gaining weight —because I'm pregnant; however, I know many of you understand where I am coming from.  Seeing brand new, never before seen, digits on the scale can sometimes be uncomfortable...)

What do I miss?
Being able to brush my teeth without gagging and/or throwing up!  I had absolutely no idea this was going to be affected.  lol  (but I'm not complaining because I had very minimal 'morning sickness'!)

Lower back pain.  Weird ice cold feeling, and sometimes even numbness, on the outside of my left thigh (only an area, not the whole thigh).  Super sore and sensitive 'milk makers' —still!  :(  I thought it would be over by now.  Hungry about every hour.  Super thirsty.  Oh, and I can't forget about my halfway popped out belly button.  ;)

The fact that I wake up super hungry but still too "out of it", sleepy, to go downstairs and gather some breakfast.  I need to plan ahead much better —prep something yummy at night, so I can just nook it and eat it in the morning!

Mexican food! —rice, beans, enchiladas.  Tacos (all kinds).

Highlights of the week?
I woke up to breakfast in bed three times this week!  (Chris had Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday off)  My hunny is doing an amazing job taking care of me and the babies as much as he can. 

The future nursery is finally getting worked on.  :D

At church, I had an amazing, overwhelming, peaceful, moment —God's love is so overwhelming... and incredible!  (every song and everything about the the 'message' seemed to make me tear up —just thinking about these two precious miracles that God is allowing me to love and carry... and how much my hunny and I have grown stronger together over the years.)

Also, we now have a swing, activity mat, and boppy, with 2 covers.  (got an amazing deal from a friend of a friend.)

Planning and prepping for the gender reveal party has been super exciting!  Chris has been a busy bee buying and getting all the decorations and details in order.  :)  *Only 24 more days until we know the genders of our little twinkies!!!

Belly watch:

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