January 9, 2013

I'm now stepping into the world of "fluff"

I find myself needing some serious guidance and advice —as much as I can possibly get.

We made our very first cloth diaper purchase, on Saturday, 1/5.  I found a fantastic deal for "EUC" Indian Prefolds and homemade covers.  I was quite hesitant at first, since I still didn't feel I knew enough about what I was buying (like what do I look for in a used purchase, etc.).  My best friend has cloth diapered two kiddos, so I turned to her for advice...

I ended up making the purchase.  When I looked at the stash of prefolds, I was expecting to see more stains than what was mentioned on the posting.  I was expecting these prefolds to look a bit dingy.  What a grateful surprise when I look in the bag and see gleaming white prefolds!!!  Wow!  It was a GREAT buy!

I've practiced a few times, with the prefolds, a snappi, and a cover (which were a lot cuter than I expected, too.) on KJ's stuffed bunny.  :)  For now, it's still fun and exciting!
Practicing... I still have some more practicing to do.  ;)

I have found an overload of information, on the web, about which diapers are the best and why.  Also, I have been able to find a lot of information about maintaining and washing cloth diapers.  I've read "buy special soap" and I've read "no need for special soap".  I've read "use a sprayer" and "don't use a sprayer"... "dry in dryer", "hang dry only", "don't use softeners", "one dryer sheet"...  does it matter on the type of cloth that is being used?  Or is it really just preference?

So far, I have found some very helpful info on these sites:
Cost of cloth diapers
www.youtube.com (searching for wash/maintenance of cloth diapers; or just by searching by brand of cloth diaper)

I have a lot to learn before the Twinkies arrive.  What have been the best, most helpful, tips you have come across?

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