September 17, 2012

Unexpected visits

I have been uncomfortable since my procedure, last Thursday. I was told to expect light cramps spotting (not a full blown miserable endo-cycle). I couldn't take it anymore I called the doc and they said I needed to be seen immediately.

My reg doc wasn't available and now I know that I will NEVER again agree to be seen by today's doc, Doctor A.! Talk about being in SUCH a hurry --even though I had a scheduled appointment. Oh, I was, and still am, so disappointed with the lack of care and gentleness he had. The time he took to put a speculum in, confirm what I had already told them over the phone, put a wand in to check the lining of the uterus, and then instruct me to triple today and tomorrow's dose of LoEstrin24 and then double each day until our treatment starts, took, maybe, a grand total of seven minutes. And I'm really being generous with that guess...

So the good news is that everything seems to still be "okay". But the bad news is that, because Dr. A. Seemed more like The Flash, kj also had her very first glimpse of where her future sibling will be coming from! (yes she already knows all about "where babies come from" but I had no idea today's doc wasn't going to be as discreet with my lady parts, as my regular doctor is.). I asked her if she was curious or uncomfortable. She said he wasn't uncomfortable, just curious --but got right back to watching her iPod as soon as she saw what the doc was my poor child!!! :( (makes me feel like not the best prepared mom) lol...oops...

Tomorrow is our IVF class. I've been super excited, up until about an hour ago. I heard the word "syringe", while watching The Big Bang Theory. My stomach turned and I just about cried thinking about what kind of pain(s) will come along with the multiple daily shots. I have to be tough...I HAVE to suck it up. I have to give this my absolute best!! (I think Chris is secretly excited at the thought of sticking me with needles. Lol --although, if it's anything like when I trusted him to apply and yank off hot wax from my face... I just might be administering my own injections! Haha! *love you hun!*)


I have a strange little feeling I'm going to be seeing a lot of this blk&white screen and paper-covered bed...

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  1. Lol at least she's not a boy seeing that! I've had my ob mishaps, let's just say I'm glad they were boys and forget easily! oh I wanna give u a shot. I'll do it! Me me!