August 20, 2012

He has perfect swimmers and I have young what's the problem?

There aren't any answers to our infertility —other than having endometriosis.  Dr. B also says that my pcos seems under control (hormone-wise).  So, it's just "unexplained" secondary infertility.  Really??!  What??  WHY?!?  ugh!

I kept telling Chris, prior to today, that I was afraid I was going to be told that I have ovaries of a 60 year old —fortunately, I don't.  Chris was afraid he was going to have bad swimmers —fortunately, he doesn't.  :)  So, what's next?  IVF.

This is the current plan, from what I understood:

  • On Day1 (I'm currently on Day13), I'll call to schedule "ID labs" (to test for infectious diseases) and schedule a saline ultrasound (and then beside it, she wrote Hycosy FemVue) —She wants to recheck my tubes since they were completely blocked in 2008; and she says it's also when they'll do a "practice transfer".
  • Chris has to go in for ID labs some time before September, I'm guessing.  They just told me he can go in whenever —but it has to be before our IVF class, I'm sure
  • IVF Class will take place at the end of September (where we sign consent forms, learn about the medications, how to give injections [eeeek!], and everything else about IVF).
  • I'll stop the birth control pills (I don't remember exactly when they said) and I'll start another Day1 and the estimated date for our first IVF cycle will start in the beginning of October.
Now that "plan" is, of course, based on being able to afford all the medications.  I still have to call to see if our insurance covers any part of that.  We do know that they cover the actual IVF procedure, praise God, but we don't know if we are 100% responsible for the prescriptions (which I hear can run about $3,000+!!  Yikes!)  So, depending how much our 'out of pocket' expenses will be will determine our actual IVF cycle start date.  :(  I'm really praying we can start in October.

Today, I also found out that I have to lower my cholesterol at least 16 points.  It's at 215 and she says it should be under 200.  I'll be cutting down on greasy and fried foods and I was also told that walking at least 30 mins a day is what will really make a difference.  That I can do!

To be honest with you, I was really bummed out after my appointment.  I had no idea that we would be looking at October to start with IVF.  I thought we could start sooner.  Also, we didn't/don't have an IVF "budget".  We never saved for it; we never thought we'd be here.  So, to have to "figure it out", financially, between now and then, is quite stressful.  I've seen some great ideas about making and selling something to help support our journey.  But, at the same time, it feels just a tad bit embarrassing...? (not sure if that's the right word to describe what I feel).  So, I'm open to other ideas if you know of any.

I still can't believe we are here . . . it feels like a never-ending journey.  But I must have faith.  I have to find a way to enjoy the journey because, someday, I want to be able to look back and know that I did the best I could with what I was given. 

So, here's to continuing to focus on the positve:  ... our tests at least show we are fertile... even if trial and error has proven other-wise.  (lol)  ;)


  1. Focusing on the positive is all you can do, but while you're at it - talk to your clinic about the possibility of receiving donated meds as well. Sometimes there will be someone who gets pregnant on a first cycle and has extra meds left over to donate back to the clinic. It's a huge help when that happens, and worth asking about!

    Good luck!