August 7, 2012

The waiting is over...

After 38 days of wondering what the results of this cycle would be, the wait is finally over. I'm so relieved...and so heartbroken. I started "Day1" today.

"Yay!" that I can finally schedule my blood work! But, oh, such a heartache --again. For some reason, I reeeeally had my hopes up for this cycle. I was reeeeally hoping for a natural conception.

I have no idea what to expect from here on out. I hope to hear good news about my ovaries and my egg supply. I hope we get the "okay" from Dr. B for IVF. I hope that I can hold myself together from here on out. I've had a few cry-fests today. But then had to turn around and be a "fun" mom (attend a build-a-bear fashion show, that KJ took an hour and a half to plan out) and act as though it's just a normal day. I have to be a considerate wife (still have to finish some laundry even though I really just want to curl up and cry). Although, if I can't hold myself together, I trust that God will do that for me.

Chris has a second sleep study planned for tomorrow night. I'd been just fine about us having to sleep apart -until my emotions kicked in about an hour ago.

I'll be curled up with a stuffed animal and heating pad for the next few days and nights...because endometriosis and periods happen to be worst enemies. :(

I'll update again soon.