June 14, 2012

**Low Battery**

Today was a busy day, in my book —full of repetitive 'to-do' items.  Here are some nitty gritty details...

Woke up at 7:15am (considered a "late" day but I still really struggled waking up).  Woke KJ up.  Showered and dressed, while she "accidentally" fell back asleep.  :(  Finally got her out of bed.  Gave her morning instructions, "Get dressed, brush your teeth, get your shoes on, get something for breakfast, I need to fix your hair...", while I put my make-up on.  Fixed her lunch.  Brushed and fixed her hair.  Drove KJ to her summer camp.  Got out.  Walked and signed KJ in.  Walked back to car.  Drove 15 mins, back home... tidied up a bit.  Drove back to KJ's summer camp to watch their little "parade" (super cute!).  Drove back home.  Gave KJ some instructions, "wash your hands, feed your puppy, clean your room...".  Cooked lunch.  Started cleaning dishes.  Started beans for dinner.  Tidied house again.  Left house and came right back (about 30 mins).  Sat for about 30 mins.  Washed dishes.  Cleaned kitchen.  Started working on dinner: mexican rice, sour cream chicken enchiladas, crockpot beans with a turkey leg (yum!).  Set the table.  Served dinner.  Sat for about an hour.  Packed food for Chris's work, rice and beans and the left over enchiladas (they are doing a potluck tomorrow.  So, I had planned to make a ton of rice —that's what he wanted to take.  He really liked the beans and wanted to share with people at his work.  And the enchiladas?  Well, I didn't know he wanted them on corn tortilla; I specifically remember him telling me he wanted them on flour.  So, we didn't care much for the flour tortilla version.  lol).  Packed the rest of the left overs for us to keep.  Made room in fridge for all the packed food.  Cleared the table.  Washed more dishes (pots and pans -uck!).  Came to comp to blog. 

*why do days like these sometimes feel more tiring than I remember a 12 hour work day, out of the house, felt??  It was just non-stop.  All day, there was something that needed to be cleaned up, thrown in trash, taking to the recycling bin, put in laundry bins, picked up from the floor, put back where it belongs... I was on my feet, in the 'go-go-go mode', from 12:00pm until about 7:30.  Then I only sat to eat and rest for a while before I continued through the night.  :(  These are only details that I currently remember.  With the new pup, it seems as though my mind never rests now.  :(  I'm always wondering if she's chewing on something? is she being careful with her incision site —as it heals? is she eating something that could harm her?  is Roxy, our almost 3 yr old dog, being a bully to her?...

Somewhere in there I also did "mommy duties" and worked with the new pup —worked on "bed" and "sit".  I guess it wasn't that busy... I must just be 'running on low' already since it's Thursday??  Who knows.  I should be asleep right now; yet, here I am... lol

My body is super exhausted today.  And now, because of my new dose of Melatonin, I'm super sleepy!! :)  I'm really looking forward to tomorrow —Friday!!

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