June 4, 2012

Sack lunch

Kj came up stairs with this.

I thought she was going to ask me to take her to the park -again.  She has packed a lunch in the past and asked to go to the park. Little did I know, she packed it for me. :)

It has carrots, ice-water, a fruit cup, and her favorite candy ("Chileta Mango", mango lollipop covered in chili powder). It even had her specialty sandwich, grilled-cheese sandwich, until I reminded her I would need a Lactaid in order to eat it. We agreed that she would eat it and she would make me a turkey sandwich. :)

She returned with this:
She even remembered that I like spinach! :)

Hmmm...this seems too familiar...

Here's a text I sent Chris a few weeks ago. You'll see what I'm talking about ;)

May 26,2013 12:38pm
Me, to Chris:
How r u?
Do YOU have any lies u need to clear up and get off ur chest?
Apparently kj did...
It started with her making me banana strawberry toast and she happily took it upstairs while I was still sleeping.

I thought it was the sweetest thing. I thought she did that because she remembered mothers day, making me breakfast to wake up to, or something.
Then, when I wasn't able to eat much of it, because I don't like it. She apologized so politely and asked what else I would like to eat.

Then when I was downstairs, she went to the kitchen and kept looking for a cup for water. I thought she wanted one for her so I pulled out the wall-e cup. Then she said it was for me. She knows I like a cup of ice water all the time so she was going to serve one for me.
Again, totally out of her character --because it's so random.
She acts like that when I praise her on good behavior --then she tries to keep it going because I've already told her how much I like her behavior.
Thennnnn, this is what gave it away...

I came to sit on couch and a few mins later, she came to give me a nice hug and kiss (after she had already randomly hugged me while I was in the kitchen). While she was hugging me, I asked her, "did u do something u weren't supposed to this morning?"

"uhhh...was I not supposed to play my iPod?" she said.
I had told her yesterday, no video games no iPod for the entire weekend if she could not complete her school work.
So then we talked but she said she "didn't know" she wasn't supposed to. And she said that's not why she was doing nice things for me. i didn't believe her (she had *that* look on her face)

So after some minutes of playing I called her back an asked her again and she said the same thing. Then I asked her if she was lying and her shoulders slumped and she said, "well maybe I did do those things because I felt bad for playing my iPod..."

Then we talked about honesty and responsibility.

What's with people lying to me and thinking they can get away with it??! :(
(she's only 7, so she's still learning, I guess)

Since it seemed familiar, I just had to ask..."have you been up to something again? Because the last time you did all those nice things for me it was because you did something you weren't supposed to."

"No." She replied.

"Are you sure??" I asked.

Then she said, "Well, I did watch one more episode of my shows after you had told me to turn it off."

Aha! I knew it! Bummer.  I received a thoughtful lunch from my seven year old because she felt guilty for disobeying... At least she confessed, I guess.

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