June 4, 2012

I am a _______________ Mom.

What's your 'fill in the blank' word this month?

Last month i filled in that blank with CHEER.  This month, I will fill it in with SOCCERI honestly have NO idea what I'm doing.  lol  I know nothing about soccer.  My daughter knows more than I do.  My hubby knows nothing about soccer... but here we go!

I rate the outdoors to be about a 6 (10 being the worst), during the hot months.  during the spring and winter, I LOVE the outdoorsKJ probably loves it just about as much as I do —she can't stand the bugs (ants, mosquitoes, flies, bees, etc.).  She's terrified to accidentally come in contact with poison ivy.  So, I can almost picture it now:  her screaming and crying on the field, terrified to move, because she saw ONE, yes ONE, ant... earlier! LOL  ...but here we go!

I want to see her succeed.  I want to learn the game.  I want to let her experience all the things she wants to.  I am really hoping that I have what it takes, as her mom, to push her just enough, not too much, to conquer those little, to her, huge, fears and annoyances. 

If you have any tips or scriptures to help us begin this journey, I'd truly truly appreciate it!!

First soccer meeting, here we come!! (tonight at 6:45...outdoors.)  ;P

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