February 1, 2012

Life feels like a big bowl of anchovies (just plain nasty!)

A pain in my shins (has returned to both legs again because of the lack of being able to use my back properly). A pain in my back (I just can't wait until the 10th!!). A pain in my abdomen/insides (stupid endometriosis is triggered very easily right now since I try to use any other muscle besides my back --when moving around, etc). And lastly the big pain in my butt -LOL (relationship, mommy-hood, and life issues).

I'm in so much pain. I need help. My pain meds don't do a darn thing for any of my pains right now. I need something to help me get through my busy **homeschooling, baby-caring, annoying but cute doggie 'do list', housekeeping (to the best of my caring abilities), never ending mouth feeding, nose cleaning, sanitize everything (and when I'm all done, start all over again), bill-paying, boo-boo kissing** kind of day! --all while running on horrible tossing-and-turning-hot-flashed-filled [non-existent thing they call] "sleep" Phew! By the time schooling is over, I still have anywhere from 6-8 more hours before I get to really take care of me. I'm not complaining --just stating some facts here. that's a whopping 15 hour work day --on my "early" days, not including the late night "mommy" duties that come along with my wonderful life (that wasn't sarcasm; I promise. I really do love being a mom!). I just need to figure out a better system, plan, or way of communicating when I'm down and needing recovery time. Because I'm just a full-blown grumpy pants when I'm in this much pain and I feel like I'm tearing down everything that we've worked so hard to build up... :(

Thank you Blogger, for giving me a quiet place to vent.

Good night.
((waiting for my Norco and Lyrica to kick in so I can have some decent sleep --to start all over again at 6am))

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  1. so sorry u feel that way! Wish I could bake u some cookies but im trying to breathe.