February 14, 2012

Oh, how I love these people

I used to get all excited to celebrate Valentine's day. This year...I was excited. All up until about 5pm today. I had planned a nice fettucini Alfredo, with shrimp, and garlic bread dinner for my loves but I had just wrapped up a full work day...and some serious laundry that I tackled in between schooling and working. And a nice dinner meant I had to clean up first. And I still had to make Choco-berries for my loves (and clean up the evidence before Chris got home). I also had last minute things to do for Chris' gift (a written poem, framed, Choco-berries, and a very special vday card I made). It just hit me ---there's so much work just to have a "nice" evening?! How does that make sense?

So, I called Chris to see if he could pick up dinner (so that my gift to myself would be REST) but that didn't work out. After about 45+ mins of brainstorming on food choices, I got fed up with time passing, when all I wanted to do was spend time with my loves (one was having melt-down after melt-down and the other was out driving around trying to figure out what to pick up for dinner). I told him to just get home and that I would just suck it up and cook.

I made sure to work on my mood and attitude, to make the best of the situation (situation being: I'm tired, my body needs rest, and it's taking a whole LOT of energy for me to keep going at this point). I focused on the positive and whipped up a nice fettucini Alfredo, with shrimp, and garlic bread dinner. I happily gave out gifts, sat and ate, and watched some of the "family" movie we picked out for tonight. Then it took everything I had to get up again and clean everything up -again.

My feet feel like the bones are going to pierce right through the skin. My back actually started hurting again (had been pain free only yesterday and today, since October!) and my eyes were struggling to stay open. But now as I lay here, while everyone else is asleep and resting (I'm waiting for my pain meds to kick in -for my back and endo), I am so happy that God helped me push through all the negative to be able to enjoy some family time...I am blessed to have these two in my life!

So it turned out to be a very nice Valentine's day. All the "work" I complained about was definitely worth it! :)

Anyone else feel like sometimes it's hard to want to "celebrate" when it means more work for you??

Happy Valentine's day.
Good night.

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