December 19, 2011

A punch in the gut

Life sure does "happen", huh?  Sometimes it's the best feeling in the world (enjoying life) and sometimes it just unexpectedly punches you right in the gut... Right now, I'm trying to recover from the biggest punch in the gut —EVER (or should I say 'yet'?  I hope it doesn't get worse than this —yikes!)! :(

In order to respect a VIP in my life, I'm sorry, I can't share many details right now.  It's not easy —because my way of 'healing' is mostly through words (spoken and written).  All I know is that I don't know anything at this point.  Everything I thought I knew about life just laughed in my face.  It's a very isolating feeling.  Yes,  I have some great supportive people; however, I'm still the one that has to face everything and figure out a way to manage, to heal, to move on . . . to continue moving forward.

And worst of all, this is supposed to be "the most wonderful time of the year".  Lord knows, I am truly grateful for the many blessings in my life —and I do mean many.  But sometimes it's hard to see how they outweigh the heartache(s) and difficult chapters in life.

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