December 13, 2011

It's my spine! -kind of important, you'd think.

I had an MRI on Thursday.  Boy oh Boy was that an experience!  I am claustrophobic... enough said?!  I'll just say that the MRI "tunnel", as I like to call it, was the absolute smallest space I have ever had to be in!! :(  I kept my eyes closed and sang all sorts of praise and worship songs in my head.  It was a very long 20 mins.  I survived.

The results:  I have a bulging disc in my lower spine.  I don't know the exact location (like L4 or whatever).  The person who called me didn't seem as informative as I expected.  She just told me "uh, Mrs. Mayfied?  You're MRI results are in and the doctor found that you have a bulging disc.  It's what's causing your pain.  You need to follow up with the pain management specialist.  Do you have any questions?" —UHHH . . . YEAH!! is what I was thinking.  I had to ask about being able to return to work.  I was just told "if pain is manageable, you can return to work".  Really?!  that's all?!  wow.

So, now knowing that something definitely is messed up in there, I was bummed and concerned, of course.  When I called the pain management specialist, the next available appointment, because I am a new patient, isn't until January 12th!!  What am I supposed to do about the pain and stiffness until then?! :(  How frustrating!!

I just don't know what else to do right now --other than continue strong pain meds, that aren't even working anymore... and rest as much as possible.  I plan on working this week.  I'm just not sure exactly which day will be my first.  I'm not sure how I'm going to manage.  I must rely on God —for healing, strength, motivation, and positive thoughts...

I must say, though, I have been absolutely amazed with the wonderful people in my life —such blessings.  They've gone above and beyond.  So kind and thoughtful.  So willing and quick to respond.  I am so blessed and thankful.

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