August 26, 2009

Ostrich? Really?!?!!

I completely forgot that the whole reason for blogging last night was to share this:

I was saying good night to KJ and I told her that I would make her some french toast sticks in the morning, for breakfast. (In the morning, yesterday, she had some left overs from IHOP --eggs, ham, pancakes) She then said "I would liiiiiiike... eggs, french toast sticks, pancakes, ham and ostrich. " I thought she was playing around, joking, so I just looked at her and said "ostrich?! ( laugh laugh)". And she says, with the most 'in-thought' look on her face, while she's looking right at me, "Osssstrich...?!" (she slowly backed off of saying the end of the word as loudly as she had said the beginning). I said, "(laughing pretty hard now) Mama, Ostrich?! The big bird w/ a long neck and fluffy feathers?! . . . or do you mean SAUSAGE?!!" We both started laughing and laughing. We enjoyed the good laugh together and then she re-placed her order saying "sssssaussssage" correctly. :) I told her that we would see about the huge order she had just placed.

so, there, I remembered why I had wanted to blog yesterday...

hee hee

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