August 6, 2009

school bells are ringing in my head

I know, again, it's been FOREVER since I've last blogged. All I can say is -it's summer. Approx. 40 hrs (give and take on different weeks) of working, sharing one car (means we all wake up at "night" (says KJ -when it's really just super early in the morning, 5:50am, before the sun is up) to drive daddy to work, prepping for KJ's first year of Kinder, KJ's 5th bday party . . . all this adds up to our summer. There's actually too much to blog and I just don't have the time.

It's been great! Field trips, friendships, accomplishments, etc. I'm proud of our family. So many changes and we are transitioning well. :)

So, KJ's party is on Sunday -pony rides, a pinata, and all!! **it's her very first pinata and she's THRILLED. And the pony rides are a surprise --she has NO idea where her party is going to take place; she just knows who will be there and what decorations we've purchased... However, she is not too thrilled about 'hitting' the pony pinata. She asked, while holding her pinata on the car ride home -from buying it, "Mommy, but how do you get the candy out of the pinata?" I told her, "you use a stick and you hit it until it breaks open and everything comes pouring out." Kryssa's reaction: "NO! I don't want it to break!!" :( LOL. Poor thing!

She will officially turn 5 on Monday. It turns out that I AM off!! :D So, she said she would like to swim for a bit w/ the kids at work and then get ice cream and go to the movies with mommy. So, I'm pretty excited to spend the day with my FIVE year old!! hee hee

I have only one more week of summer. Phew! I will soon be able to say "I made it; I survived!" and then it's prep for school, the fall semester (at work and at home). I can't believe it. My baby girl, starting school already. Came by waaaay too quickly but I am so super thankful to God and my hubby that I was able to spend the first four years with her. It's been a great blessing! She will start her first day of kinder on Aug. 24th.

i wish I could go on and on about what we've done and what we look forward to (and so on) but I have a 10+ hr work day (outdoors) and my body needs to recover from today...

so long...

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