October 7, 2009

just peeking out from my 'cave'

Yes, I've been hiding in a cave --figuratively speaking, of course. haha. No, I don't really go hide in caves -I promise.

Since August, I have been blessed with the best promotion, so far, in my lifetime! :) My very first salary position w/ benefits.

My piece of dirt ford focus just got out of the shop yesterday --we actually put a load of money into fixing it. :D I'm excited to know that it won't leave me stranded on the side of the road . . . for a good while, at least.

KJ is concerning me with school. She excels in so many areas so that's GREAT! however, she is not bringing home "greens" every day (the color chart of behavior: Blue=super, Green=good, Yellow=something(s) happened, Red=out of control behavior). She has never brought home a blue :( and she has never brought home a red :D. However, yellow, in our family is unacceptable --when it's about one every week. Some weeks she has brought home two!! :( So, I got to thinking that, from my experience w/ working w/ kids, she COULD be bored and not challenged enough in her class. She breezes right through her homework. Her teacher told us her expectations for her are higher because she is one of the smartest kids in her class.

KJ would rather sit and cut little pieces of paper into "little books", she calls them, instead of enjoying the class centers. She would rather cut paper instead of making a "fall crown" to wear on her head like her classmates. She was the ONLY one that didn't care to finish. :( I was talking w/ my sis last night and expressed that KJ has been doing 'projects' since she was two --so I think that she is waaaaaaay past the 'fall crown' type of project. When I took out the pieces from her back pack, I thought to myself, "No wonder she didn't care to do this!" :(

So, in some areas, she is furthering her education and loving it. In most of the other areas, she is chosing to opt out of participating or playing around instead of focusing on the task at hand. She says how much she LOVES school still --which is great. I'm just at the point of getting concerned now...

We are excited about Fall and Halloween. My gerber daisies have LOVED the rain. When I got out of my car this morning, heading back in from dropping KJ off at school, I was soooooooo happy to see red, hot pink, orange, and yellow daisies all beautifully open!! It's been so rare that allll those colors bloom together. I'm excited. It makes me want to pick 'em and put 'em in our vase at work. But then I won't be able to see them everytime I go in and out of my house. hmmm.... to pick or not to pick (the daisies -haha).

A lot has happened in Life for me in the last month -in my private life and my open-book life. God has really been my strength, love, encouragement, friend, etc. I've had so many ups and downs in just the past 26 days. If I ever commit to writing an autobiography, you would be SO amazed w/ how "interesting" my life has turned out!! haha. I feel like i'm on a non-stop ride on a pendulum: swinging from one extreme to the next. The time in between each extreme could be as short as minutes and only as long as hours . . . not the usual pendulum ride that life gives --of having days, months and years in between the differences.

Gotta love it. How else would my life be interesting for my future auto or novel -haha ;) It has def. kept me clinging to God and desperately looking in every crevasse of my life for a positive breathe of fresh air.

Oh, and I have to go see a doc soon cause my right 'big toe' is numb!! haha. it's been getting worse and worse --I've been feeling less and less. It's spreading!!! Ah! and I have no idea why. :( it's a bit scary. i also have a numb spot in the center of m back, right by my spine, that has the itchy sensation but I can't feel my scratching --cause it's numb!!! So, it's this little itch that is NEVER soothed. My skin is pretty much raw prob cause it really feels like a numb face right after dental work ---so does my toe. Strange. I know. Freaky. Yes, that too. Funny? SURE! why not?! lol I'm going numb one little piece at a time . . .

I have to get ready for work now. slowly but surely i'll inch my way there. I'm so sleepy today and w/ the drama kids' parents have caused in the past two days, I'm not REALLY looking forward to settling it all just yet . . . not today at least. can't I just go back to sleep?

nope. gotta go now.

'til the next post . . .


  1. its good to have you back. i have been a little mia lately too. life just gets to busy to blog whether I like it or not.

    I have a coworker who is going through the color saga with her five year old son too. His problem is maintaining self control. I think its all just part of growing up for them. I'm sure its comforting to know that your daughter is one of the brightest students though!

    it's good hearing from you though! talk to you soon!

  2. ah! I just NOW saw this comment!!! I guess I don't get notifications when comments are made . . . I'm so sorry.

    thank you for your comment. :)