August 24, 2009

First day of School! First day of School! (from Finding Nemo)

I will be up in five hours --to get myself ready for KJ's VERY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. Wow! Where has the time gone?

I am super duper thankful and blessed to have been able to have KJ at my side 24/7 (minus the few times here and there) for a whole FIVE years (and 14 days, something like that lol!!). I have already expressed to Chris that my emotions are not of 'sadness'. I want her to grow, in every way, and step into that new chapter of her life. My emotions are of excitement, joy, thankfulness, love, etc. It sure has been an amazing journey watching her grow up to this point. It will only continue and I pray that I will remember to enjoy every moment...

I hear that life gets really busy w/ school-age children and I really really pray to know when to 'slow down' and when to 'push forward'. :)

She is more than ecstatic about tomorrow. My mom shared with me today that I should openly ask KJ how she is feeling and what she thinks about tomorrow and what is to come. So, tonight, KJ asked if I would lay next to her, "just for a little bit, Mommy." -and I did. We snuggled up and she piled on the kisses and hugs. I asked her "So, how do you feel about tomorrow?" She said "I feel EXCITED!!!" :) later, in conversation, I asked "well, what do you think about it?" and she said "I think my teacher will like me!" :) I LOVED hearing that. I never would have thought she would respond that way. I really thought she was going to say "I think it will be fun..." When I heard her response, I felt a great amount of peace that we have made the right moves and decisions w/ preparing her for her first day --and of course that God is right there beside her! :)

We packed up her school supplies and I packed her lunch. We are all anxiously waiting to hear her very first school bell.

When we wake up tomorrow, I feel like, in 'LOST', a great huge flash of light will take place and nothing will ever be the same again. hahaha. Seriously. It's allll new for the three of us. We are ready and looking forward for this new adventure.

Nighty night
*so, tonight's our first "it's a school night", "you've got to get ready for school tomorrow" type of night... ha! crazy!

Meet The Teacher Night (Friday, Aug. 21st)

Getting Ready -the night before school

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