August 17, 2009

not smooth sailing after all

Just when we thought we were ready for the fall --first year of school, Mom's free time in the morning and then work schedule in the afternoon, dad's great schedule of getting off early to get KJ from after school care.... and then KABOOM!!! A bomb was dropped on us today.

Chris's WONDERFUl blessing of a boss was given the news today that she would be relocated to a different branch. :( HERE is where it all began. I can't believe she's being moved!! Her and Chris were like peas and carrots in the work place --working so well together as a team.

Now, the 'new' boss, isn't really as new as some thought. It turns out that it was Chris's boss from his first year(s) at WaMu. Not a bad deal ---except for the fact that (we are hearing "stories")since she has worked for the company, for what some say is a long time (I don't know exactly how long she's worked w/ the same company), she does NOT "close" the branch --EVER. I think that's a bunch of BOLOGNA!!!!! I really hope this doesn't turn out to be true . . . I can't even find words for the way I am bouncing off the walls in my head about this. All in all, this means that Chris will have to be closing --getting out at 6:30pm, same "off" time as my schedule . . . so who will be picking up KJ?!? ha-HA! That is the question!

Daycare/after school programs close at 6:30pm and then charge a minimum of $1 for every minute you are late. We can't afford that!! So, somehow, something has to change. I know that God makes a way when there seems to be no way . . . I laid out different options and nothing seems to be fitting together.

Why can't it just all go back to smooth sailing. Everyone was sooo excited and now we are staring at this HUGE gap in the bridge...

Kryssa starts school in exactly one week. It all feels soooo different after hearing the news today...


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