August 25, 2009

But they PUSHED ME!!

KJ has been LOVING School!! Today, I wanted to hear about her day, when I got home, and she said, "Okay, let's go to my room and I'll tell you. Why don't you play with me while I tell you about school?" --so, I did. I sat on her floor and brushed pony hair . . . so many ponies!! haha

Well, in the whole story of how her day went, she nonchalantly mentions that she sat in time out today. Chris and I careful glanced in each other. I, kindly and carefully, ask questions. She starts saying that it was because she ran outside and wasn't supposed to be outside. We couldn't believe it. I kept asking questions -wondering how in the world she got out of her classroom and ran out to the playground...

The end story is that the class was lined up for recess and the kids were pushing (I'm guessing she was the line leader) and they ended up pushing her right out the door!! She said that she told her teacher that she was being pushed and that Mrs. Boyardo told the class "STOP PUSHING!" (lol, I LOVE hearing her talk about how people 'do' things.hahaha). Well, she said that she was the only one sat in time out cause she was the only one that went out the door....

hm.... who knows what the WHOLE story is.

She had soooooo much to say about art class, P.E., lunch time, nap time, science (she was soooo excited to tell me that she did science today!!), etc. ...

I only see her for 2 hrs max, monday through friday!! :( really tough for me --but she is just LOVING school!!! :)

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