May 3, 2011

Surprised —but not too surprised.

Not Pregnant.  (again Yet!)  ;)

I managed to sleep okay through the night and waited to test this morning.  As usual, I can imagine a line in that first window; but when I slap myself to reality, there is not a line in that first window...

Strange things happened to me after this:
I managed to fall back to sleep (I woke up at 6am, when Chris kissed me good-bye, and I just had to test!) after I tested but not before I checked my facebook.  I clicked through prom photos of one of my nieces.  She looked absolutely stunning, in my opinion.   Then I went to back to sleep.  My dream was wild...  My "stunning" niece was there and in her beautiful prom dress.  My sisters were all there (all 4 of them).  Chris was there and so were our two girls.  It was some sort of wedding rehearsal or something.  All in the middle of time traveling through my dream, I dreamt about taking this hpt and being soooooo heart broken and sad and not being able to tell anyone —because I didn't want to ruin the joy over the big event.  I kept "running away", literally.  Then someone would find me and drag me back to the event.  It was very strange...

I plan on testing again on Friday —once I'm up and ready to stay awake.  No more crazy dreams!

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