December 13, 2012

Week 11: Limes and Chocolate.

How far Along?
11 Weeks on 12/12/12.
It's really going by too quickly.  :(

How big are the Twinkies?
According to the The Bump, the babies are approximately the size of:
I'm so amazed that they went from prune-size to lime-size in just one week!  Wow.

How am I feeling?
There are days when I believe I'm pregnant; but most days, I feel like I'm just dreaming about being pregnant.  Still.  I wonder when it will feel real everyday, all day...

The nausea simmered way down.  But my emotions are playing crazy games with me.  I feel so sad and down a lot right now.  I should be happy.  I should be on cloud nine.  I have my moments; but mainly I just feel bummed out and "ugh".  :(  I'm thinking that maybe it has to do with the fact that my car isn't working and I'm just stuck in the house until the weekend, or until late evening, once hubby comes home.  I also think that it might have something to do with feeling super overwhelmed with decisions about choosing an OB or midwife... so much information for both sides.  A lot of decisions need to be made and I feel so lost and not in control of the situation.  I know we still have time; I just feel overwhelmed at the moment.

 The numbers still haven't changed... yet.  :)
*But I'm also still working on cutting out sugar, fried foods, carbs, and other junk food —as much as possible.  It's not always easy, but I see those numbers staying the same and I'm loving it!!  I know soon enough the numbers will change.  I just need to keep doing my part.  

What do I miss?
Sleeping on my tummy and sleeping through the night.

Exhausted.  I just want to lay down all the time.  I started spotting/bleeding (with some clots) and it's just been off and on.  Depends how much I move around, I think.  But the doc says Baby A's placenta is right on top of my cervix.  I'm hoping it moves soon.  My chest got super duper sensitive again!  What's up with that?!  They had started to feel normal —but then out of no where it came back. :(

Almost everything right now.  :(  The dogs.  KJ's meltdowns and "challenging" moments.  Clutter that I just don't have the energy to take care of right now.  Back pain flaring up again.  Crazy sharp Endo pains.  :(

I'm still craving Hot & Sour soup from a local restaurant.  New craving of "safe" sushi started —out of no where.  Orange juice.  

 Highlights of the week?
Getting to see the Twinkies wiggle and dance around on the sonogram.  That memory will never go away!  Also, I was able to see (and feel) a jolt happen in my belly!  It was amazing and I can't wait to feel more!!

Oh, and I had my first taste, since August, of decaf coffee and some chocolate!  It was more exciting than it was delicious.  lol.  I think I missed it more because I cut it out completely.  But it was great that I felt ready to have a taste.  I felt comfortable and safe, not concerned and afraid like I had been feeling earlier on.  That's a HUGE step for me.  :) 

 Belly Watch:

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