July 4, 2012


I had, what I thought would be, the last "ttc" doctor visit with my gyno on Tuesday. I had [hesitantly] made up my mind to get an IUD again and get back on Lupron again. I've been having way too much pain and misery with my endo. I just didn't feel I could tolerate it much longer.

So after I shed some tears and came to terms with a new chapter ahead, I went to my appointment and found out that my insurance didn't cover the Mirena IUD. :( it was going to cost me $1,100.00. So that was immediately scratched off my plan. And then after talking with my doc, he helped me make the decision to finally see a RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist) to help find a plan to get my endo under control (i do, however, need a FOURTH surgery, he says) and then to help us continue trying to conceive.

He also, very kindly, helped me understand that if we really do want more children, that now is not the time to stop ttc. He reminded me that we've gone through quite a bit to get to this point and if we take another break, we might have to start from square one all over again. --something I really don't want to go through again.

When I left my appointment, I felt a bit confused. I thought I'd leave there with an IUD and a prescription for Lupron. Instead, I left there with a referral to an RE and a strange little feeling of hope that we actually might get pregnant this year after all...

So I have my first appointment with my RE On July 6. I'm hoping we hear something positive. I'm hoping that she really does have so much more experience with endo, the way my gyno led me to believe. I'm excited to figure out a new plan for endo and for ttc! :)


  1. Michelle, that is great! I am believing that God has something great in store for your family. I am believing and praying for God's will to come to fruition in your life and in your family. Thanks for letting us be a part of your journey. Oh, and happy anniversary too! 10 years is quite an accomplishment! 10 down, and 50+ to go! ;)

  2. Thanks Mal!! It looks like I'll have even more to share on this "new journey" we've begun. :)