February 16, 2011

All in 2.5 hrs

what...an...evening! I rushed to get Pickle from her after school care—only to still be charged a nasty late fee.  It really frazzled my evening. I've never had any type of late fees at an after school care program! :(  --at least it was a sweet little elderly lady (it sugar-coated the late fee. haha)

We picked up Pickle's new charm bracelet (her bday gift from us, grandma&grandpa, and auntie and uncle) from Jame's Avery —we were all super excited to see it on her wrist.  :)

I signed KJ up for an introductory karate class.  They don't give prices out —BUT they do give a free session --for whatever reason.  I'm guessing they want the child to want it badly and beg even if the price is too much to handle?  So, I took the bait and KJ will have her very first session (approx. 45mins-1hr) for free! :)  After we get an idea of what its like and how she feels about it, then we will be faced with the price.  :)

After about 5:30pm, my phone got busy . . . I handled -what felt like- a billion phone calls and texts (from family, future business, Pickle's school, Pickle, friends...).  Plus, I was expecting two different people to come over tonight —one to leave a dog for us to dog sit and possibly adopt if we end up enjoying the dog-sitting experience, and another for business.  Both of them had to reschedule.  So, it gave me some time to breathe and enjoy dinner (phew!)

Once we got back home, we got straight to our nightly routine: clean house, shower and bed time for the girls, prep for tomorrow . . . now for the best part . . . rest, relax, and sleep!

I really think it was the late fee that made the evening feel like a full day.  It just frazzled me up and turned my stomach —having to pay $1 per minute I was late -each passing minute felt like 10!! :(  Oh well, right?  I just need to do everything in my power to avoid another one of those (that's why late fees like that exist; and let me tell you . . . THEY WORK! —lol)!

Praise God for not giving me more than I can handle.  :)

goooooooood night.

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