February 22, 2011

You are not welcome back

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Another clomid cycle has passed —and the results, once again, have tested my emotions.  Today's visit also resulted in very concerning, bad, news...not only not am I not pregnant, and the doc doesn't feel that the clomid is even doing its job "properly" at this point (because I'm still ovulating really late), but the ultrasound showed a very concerning cyst on my right ovary again.  :(  So i have to go back next week to see its progress.  If it doesn't go away, I have to stop clomid for a while.  (Nooooooo!)  And if it's worse by next week, I might end up facing another surgery —ugh! In the name of Jesus --let the cyst be gone by next week.

I really had my hopes up for this month.  But I know I have to trust God and at this point I'm just more focused on next week's appointment —I need that cyst to be gone...

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