February 15, 2011

Oh, the sweet, sweet sound...

...of my doctor telling me that I ovulated!  :)

This was me, doing my happy dance, when I got the call.
I went on Friday, for my usual blood work.  I got a phone call on Monday, saying that the results are too low —it showed that I didn't ovulate and he wanted me to go in again, Monday, to get a 're-do'.  Well, I got the phone call today that I ovulated!!  He said that I'm just ovulating "late" but that it's still good news that I'm ovulating.  It SURE IS!! :D

So, I will go for my scheduled visit on Tuesday, the 22nd, and hopefully . . . just maybe February is our month! ;)

*Oh, and my endo has stayed under control, Praise God!!

nighty night.

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