February 17, 2011

There's something in the air

2/17/11 updated "28 reasons why I love you"
I have to admit, now that we are on day 17, it's getting a bit harder to find specifics and not just "I love you!"  I love all sorts of things about him but to pick ONE to post everyday is a challenge...

1.  "I love your determination to be a strong, hard-working, leader for our family."

2.  "I love how you literally dance "like no one's watching" yet you know EVERYONE is watching —and you LOVE it." 

3.  I love that you let me talk your ear off. 

4.  I love that you bring "surprises" even while doing the most routine errand --grocery shopping.

5.  I love when you sing at the top of your lungs because you really truly LOVE singing...no matter how crazy you seem. Lol You're the best!!!

6.   I love you ... Because you're "moto-moto" [sexy] and you just always win me over -no matter what else is going on.

7.  I love that you still "dream big"!!

8.  I love you because you think I'm "the best" at all that I do. --and honey, that makes YOU the best!!

9.  I love how you surprise me with sudden acts of kindness . . . Like I've said, "you're like a fine wine —gets better with time"

10.  I love your confidence! (I love how you're so comfortable in your own skin —with who you are! I want to be like that some day...)

11.  I love you because you love me just the way I am... You've never asked me to change "me".

12.  I love you because you always strive to be better and better —you always plan "bigger and better" for our family.

13.  I love you because . . . we really do work well together. ;) "you complete me" hee hee (our strengths really compliment one another)

14.  I love you unconditionally for Everything you are! You amaze me —I love the man that you are today...

15.  I love how you show your love to us.

16.  I love the kid in you that still loves to do "fun" things and act like a crazy, out of control, kid!!

17.  I love you because you wake me up at odd hours of the night to "scoot closer" to cuddle.

Ah, that's right . . . LOVE.

I absolutely LOVE this month.  Here are just a few of my reasons:

1.  It's the most interesting month because its' only consistency is that it is not consistent (in it's number of days) like all the other months.

2.   Valentine's day —yes, every day should be about showing love and thinking of others, and so on.  But, I just love the fact that there is one particular day (or week, or weekend) where someone makes the time to plan something for their loved one(s).

3.  This is the month that my dad welcomed my wonderful husband into the family.  Valentine's day 2002.  Totally unexpected.  I will never forget that exact moment when he acknowledged him as his "future son-in-law".  :)

4.  I love that I can go to the stores and find an endless amount of cute lovey-dovey items to decorate my house with! 

5.  I love the excitement of Groundhog Day.  :)  (really, I do!)

Just recently, Chris asked me, "Why do you love me?".  Do you have your moments where you find yourself wanting to see what your "other half" sees in you?  Well, I totally get where he was coming from when he asked me.  Sometimes you just want to hear it all over again.  :)  So, I've decided to create a list for him throughout this month.  By the end of the month, he will have a total of 28 reminders of why I love him/what I love about him.  I know that I love him.  I know how deeply in love I am with him.  But taking the time to put it into words gives me a tingle inside . . . that "puppy love", "young love", newly married love.  I enjoy that feeling!  It reminds me to praise God for every moment of our journey together.

So, I'll admit that I've had this idea in my head for a long time now and just couldn't figure out how to tell him all the reasons without it being too corny (well I guess I can't tell him all of them . . . new ones keep popping up as time goes by) .  So, I have an opportunity now but I just started it today; I wish I would have started yesterday.  So, I posted two for him today:

1.  "I love your determination to be a strong, hard-working, leader for our family."

2.  "I love how you literally dance "like no one's watching" yet you know EVERYONE is watching —and you LOVE it." 

What are you planning for that "special" someone?  What are your favorite things to do during February?

Here's a challenge:  Express your love to 'your love' during the next 28 days.  C'mon, what's the worse that can happen?  You fall deeper in love?  ;)

With much love,

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