March 16, 2007

Says who?!

We went to a new playground today (off of Guilbeau).  It was Wonderful!!  I couldn't stand seeing some fo the other kids, though, w/ such dirty faces (snot and dirt mixed together! Yuck!) not to mention, also, the lack of manners . . . one girl, about the age of 10 or so, actually told Kryssa "You can't go down.  You have to go to another one." The 10 year old sat at top blocking Kryssa.  I was soooo unhappy to see Kryssa being treated that way -so I quickly responded "Yes, she can go down the slide. That's not nice!" (as I thought to myself, EXCUSE ME???!!!  Says who?!  Your ten year old little self?!  I THINK NOT!!!) but Kryssa had already turned and walked toward the other side to go down another slide -poor thing obeyed and really believed that she wasn't allowed to use that slide.  So, when Kryssa finally came down the 'other' slide, I told her "Kryssa, you can play on ALL the slides here, okay?  If someone is in your way, just make sure you use your manners and say 'Excuse Me', okay?!  Wait your turn and share; but you can use them ALL." 
Well, I have more to say but no more time to sit and type -for now . . .
We had a blast and now it's 'Wake-up' Time and time to eat!!  
Don't know when I can type again . . . . for now, have a Wonderful Friday (and weekend).  

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