January 7, 2011

Mommy of 2 . . . for the week.

This week, we have had the pleasure of having our future foster child (God willing) stay with us.  Chris has nicknamed her Pickle.  Why?  I honestly have no clue.  haha.  I think it's cute and she asked for a nickname from us and that is what Chris chose.  So, Pickle it is!  (for now at least)  :)

Pickle is 14 yrs old and attends a private school 20 miles away from where we live.  We picked her up on Tuesday, from her basketball game, and have been quite busy with KJ and Pickle's school schedules (homework for both and cheerleading and basketball for Pickle).  I've had a good taste of what it will be like taking each of them to school.  We've been leaving the house by 7am.  KJ has been getting to school by 7:15am and Pickle has been getting to school by 7:50-8:20am (traffic is soooooo crazy).  Then after school, KJ rides the bus and arrives by 3:15pm and then, most of this week, Pickle has been getting picked up from her basketball games around 7:30pm.  Our schedule changed drastically this week.  But I have to admit that I'm currently LOVING it!  KJ LOVES the company and Chris and I have really enjoyed seeing the two of them goof off and get on each others nerves.  lol  I know we won't always feel like this but I want to remember how this feels right now --how I long to have a bigger family and for KJ to have a sibling . . . so that when it gets overwhelming in the future, I remember how much I wanted and prayed for it.  :)

Our poor Pickle got injured yesterday.  :(  It was going to be our first time watching her cheer and when we got there she was being assisted in walking our way.  We all felt so bad for her --especially with how cute she looked in her uniform, face all red from crying, and all.  We pampered her with picking up Chili's to-go and some yummy treats from the store (and Ibuprofen too, of course --per her parents' orders).

I'm getting sad realizing that this week went by SOOOO quickly.  She goes back home on Sunday and we just wish she could stay forever already.  :(  It's been a long process and God knows how we've longed to even get to this point, where we are at.  In the beginning, it seemed like fostering/adopting would only happen in "our wildest dreams" but God has really had His hand in this and we are so blessed and thankful for this amazing opportunity.

God willing, she could move in as early as the end of this month.

Being so exhausted with the new schedule, I've been knocking out before 11pm (which is super early for me).  One night was even as early as 9pm!!  I really enjoy the deep sleep I've been getting.  Although, I still only sleep a few hours at a time...  I think it's still due to the Clomid.  But a few hours is waaaaay better than the 30 mins "here and there" that I was getting prior to Tuesday.

Today, feels amazing!  :)  Chris took KJ to school and I took Pickle.  They each got some one-on-one parent time before school.  I think it's great for them!  (and it cut my travel time down too!)  I look forward to tonight's basketball games (Pickle will be cheering on her team from the sidelines due to her injury) but it's going to be a GREAT Friday! :)

Happy Friday to YOU!  Enjoy the "little" things in your life and be blessed!

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