January 31, 2011

What is it? . . . fourth time's a charm?! Yeah, that's it!

Today I am on day 4 of my fourth cycle of Clomid.  Again with 150mg, since it worked last month.  At my appt., my doc figured out that I must have ovulated on day 17 instead of the usual day 14.  So, he adjusted some dates to "keep in mind" ;P and I sure hope to have baby news in February.  :)

So far, the last cycle and this cycle of Clomid, right around the third and fourth day, I start with the "I might be ready to stop the Clomid.  I don't know if I want to continue with these side affects..." (insomnia, hot and cold flashes, dizzy spells/light headed, irritability... lately, the insomnia with the hot and cold flashes, combined, has been the worst for me -because then I wake up feeling like I only slept for 15 mins...then I'm irritable...lol it's a nasty cycle [but almost over!]).  Now that I know it's just those two days, out of only five, I can mentally push myself to make it to day five --because then I get super excited.  So, today, I'm telling myself, "okay, after tonight's dose, I'll only have one more dose . . . you can do it Michelle!!  It's so worth it!  Just one more day . . . just one more day...".  Every tear, hot flash, and mood swing reminds me to think towards the future --of possibly conceiving.  I love my dear husband, how well he loves me through my tears, mood swings, and hot flashes.  I know God is blessing our marriage through all of this.  I am so in love with him.  My 'love tank' is definitely full.  :)  Praise God.  (I pray his is too...)

I'm starting to feel a bit repetitive with these ttc updates.  I just might have some posts here and there with a quick and straight to the point post: "NOT PREGNANT YET..." 
hahaha  ;P

So, until approx, Day 22 or 23 (after my next progesterone check).

Happy [Baby] Trials to you!  ;)

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