January 4, 2011

Clomid: round 3 in 2010 (150mg)

Round three is over and done with (12/29/10 — 1/2/10).  Phew!  Yay!!  Wooohooo! . . . Okay, I just *had* to celebrate.  Today is Day 11 for me.  So far, round 3 tops them all (even the rounds in 2008).  Hot flashes, nausea, headaches, insomnia . . . I really, truly, with all my might, hope that we conceive this month.

KJ, almost every week, several times a week, talks about how she "really" wants a little baby sister (and sometimes she even says she wants a brother).  It's not all that simple for a six year old to understand why it's, in her words, "taking so long!".  haha.  People we know are not only getting pregnant, having babies . . . they're even getting pregnant again and even delivering the next baby!! --all while we try for number two.  So, KJ thinks it's supposed to just happen (ha... don't we all?!)

I'm really getting my hopes up at this point and it's a bit concerning because, emotionally, I might be getting close to my limit, my breaking point.  I just have to continue to trust God, trust His timing, and also trust myself to know when 'enough is enough' again.  The thought of another chapter of our lives where we try and don't conceive is just too hard to swallow right now.  I tell myself to just keep pushing --a little harder . . . just one more round . . . just one more month.  This month has been the absolute toughest.  :(

I'm ready for some joy (in the ttc area of our lives).  I've had dreams of being pregnant and others of getting a positive hpt reading.  KJ has even had a dream that I had twins!!  haha that would truly be a miracle!! (I've prayed for twins since I was 7 years old or so)

I welcome 2011 with an open mind and heart.  I'm focusing on all the wonderful blessings in my life... life must go on.  :)


  1. Mishelly! I cannot even say that I "know how you feel", or "feel ya". I cannot imagine the roller coaster of emotions you are are going through. KJ mentioning about wanting a baby sibling is so sweet, and shows that she has so much love! Just know that I continue to pray for you, and for God's will to be done in your life and in your womb!
    I also hope that I am among the VERY FIRST to know when you get those two lines! :)
    And I hope it is sooner rather than later! Love you so much!

  2. @Monica, I guarantee that you will be one of the top 3 that I immediately notify (no matter the time of day, hee hee) —Chris being numero uno, of course! ;P

    I love you and really appreciate your prayers and support.