October 22, 2010

Back on Clomid today

TTC #2:  6 months and 10 days

Today I took my first dose of clomid for 2010.  I've had mixed feelings for about a week now.  I'm nervous —like it might work or something!  LOL  I mean, I always hope it does; however it hasn't ever worked for us (not worked as in conceived but 'not worked' as in it never got me to ovulate).  I try to stay optimistic with some realism mixed in...

It says there is a chance of weight gain . . . does everything HAVE to say that?  I really don't want to gain anymore weight unless there is a baby growing inside of me!  I make a mental note just about every 5 mins —"stay in control of your emotions . . . be loving . . . be kind . . . it's going to be ok..."  I just remember being on clomid in 2008 made me feel allllll sorts of extreme emotions.  I don't want it to be like that again.  So, I'm trying to psych myself into staying calm and being ok.  :)  We'll see how it works out...ha.

I think I ate something bad yesterday (old food out of my own refrigerator!) and I've been recovering from that since yesterday.  So, it's hard to really tell how the meds make me feel (if anything at all).  I normally try to see how I feel with anything that I am taking.  So far, so good. 

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