October 26, 2010

Shame on me?

I tried it and it worked!

Every time I get a knock on my door I figure that I should check in case it's a neighbor or an ''out of the blue'' friend stopping by?  —there seems to always be someone knocking trying to sell or sign us up for something!! ::UGH!!::  So, it makes me think, ''Should I just stay away and peek through a window to check? . . .''  I HATE being so awkward in *my* house!  So, today, I hear a knock, I hear voices (more than one person), I peek out the window (my peep hole is currently covered up by our wreath) and see a briefcase in someone's hand—definitely not a neighbor or friend of mine; so, I yell out, "who is it?" They reply "Hi, Jehovah witnesses." I politely say, "oh, no thank you; Have a nice day." Then they said "okay, thank you" and walked away.  I always felt it would feel so horribly rude --maybe it is but it's MY house and I can't stand opening up my door for solicitors —no, I don't want items, club memberships, subscriptions, or any type of service right now (nor do I want to hand over my money right at the moment that they appear at my door —most want you to do whatever it is it immediately, no website to order at a later date or anything!).  I used to open the door to be polite and then just stand there waiting and waiting for the 'sales pitch'/'intro speech' to be over with just to say, "oh, no thank you..."  However; lately, either I'm just super moody or people's jokes and sense of humor is waaaaay out of date with me (or is it that *I'm* way out of date for the current sense of humor?! haha.)  Well, I finally spoke through the door to avoid opening up my door to a stranger . . . it didn't feel rude, not opening the door . . . Shame on me?

I REALLY need to put a sign out...

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