October 27, 2010

TTC update

Day 10!  I survived the first round of Clomid.  :)

side effects were manageable; although, I'm not too sure how Chris and KJ felt about dealing with me during the last 16 days...

What I experienced:
On Provera
Super sleepy --as in falling asleep sitting up and NEEDING to nap!, nausea, serious acne ::ugh!::, dizziness, ''the shakes'' --from an anxious nervous feeling, and a nasty pain in the pit of my stomach --not wanting to eat very much because of it (and from the nausea)

Clomid:  headaches (right side of my head only -hurt like a migraine --which I haven't gotten in years.), mood swings (really irritable --could have been from PMS too though so who knows which is worse), random crying (for the most insignificant things I'd see and/or hear!!  -some times, I just ''felt'' a lump in my throat/a need to cry...haha it's been interesting!!, fatigue (not nearly as extreme as the drowsiness during provera), and some serious hot flashes (which reminded me how thankful I am to be off of Lupron!!)

I think my body will get a small experience of 'normalcy' (whatever that means) for the next 11 days or so (except for nerves and anxiety of waiting for day 21 --progesterone check, a.k.a. blood work to see if I ovulated (if the clomid did its job))

11 more days . . .  :D


  1. Glad it seems to be going well!! I am a little freaked out about how my body would handle those medications or being pregnant--I already have unnecessary mood swings and cry at every little thing (a crazy one recently? i cried at almost EVERY dance on Dancing With the Stars...i'm hopeless)

  2. lol ;) I'm with you on that one -I've recently cried during Glee, Grey's Anatomy, MTV's Cut Throat challenge! why? I have no idea! lol I just get so emotional with what I see . . . I'm sure I look real silly!!