June 9, 2008

Everything must come to an end

Well, it's the end of the road for us. We tried our last try. It's time to move on as a family of three. 18 months have passed . . . we are officially done TTC. There have been enough ups and downs in this chapter to last a life time. Every thing happens for a reason, I stick to that. The memories of all that we've endured will help us stay strong and remind us that Kryssa is more than just a blessing in our lives. I know that God will give me the desires of my heart --on His timing and I accept that. I'm ready to focus on the next chapter of our lives, and my life.

I was supposed to see my doc today but i rescheduled for Thursday. That is the day when it will feel final --when I start my bc, ha ha. I don't know how he is going to react to our decision --I can kind of imagine what he might say and what expression he'll get on his face. He wanted to start me back on fertility drugs this month and that is what he is expecting to do when I see him next. But I just don't want to go through that again. Not right now; not this year. I had enough of the fertility drugs last year and I'm ready to just accept what this is and move on.

Kryssa says she's ready to start school. So, we're looking into some private schools; but I think we've missed the deadline for fall 2008 enrollment. So, maybe she'll start when she's five...

We are preparing to sell our house. It's been a lovely home for 3 1/2 year already. But we are looking to build a home and our lives in the outskirts of SA (closer to Austin, if not Austin). God willing, we will have a new address before 2009. So far, everything is working out nicely! :) It's a nice smooth path and a lot of perks. :D

Now that we aren't TTC, our Disney World vacation is more possible to plan! We have saved the funds, and we have the dates...now we can book it!! We hadn't booked it because if we found out we were pregnant, it would basically mean that I wouldn't be able to go because I would be too far along in December to fly (just like what happened in 2003: I bought tickets to fly to Cali -for chris's Christmas gift- and then weeks later we found out we were expecting....sure enough, when July came around, I was already in preterm labor and placed on strict bed rest --we lost money when we canceled our vacation package!! :( -so, we have learned our lesson.) now that we know there's no baby on the way for this year, we can book our vacation!!!!! --Disney World, here we come!! (God willing!)

Next month we will be celebrating our 6th year of marriage!! and that week, as usual, Chris is off for our celebration vacation! :D We aren't traveling anywhere for our anniversary this year --but we are planing on taking Kryssa to South Padre Island! Poor thing always talks about going to the beach and she will finally experience the beach this July. :) She's real excited and so are we!! Chris is actually working on booking a condo, today, for our beach vacation --Yepeeee!!

So, I'm focused on all the other 'happenings' for this year! I'm thankful that we are where we are in our lives as a family, married couple, and business/job. I have the flexibility that I've always wanted for my family, Chris is blessed w/ a job where he's continued to move up the 'corporate' ladder (Thanks be to God --and God willing, his next promotion happens by the end of this year) -and he does a wonderful job supplying for and supporting his family . . . AND we can continue to spoil our "only child" the way we love to!!! lol ;) I know, I know, I'm sure it will come back and bite us in the rear some day . . . but for now, w/in reason, we shall spoil her w/ lots of love and 'fun' things!!! hee hee :D

So, this is the update --the biggest update I've posted in a while. I just wasn't ready to share everything . . . I needed to let it settle in my head and heart before I blurred it out to you. It doesn't just feel like a dream anymore; it's real: we're no longer ttc...hm...let's see what comes of all this. :)

thanks for all your support, encouraging words, and listening ears. :) I'll will share more updates as they come along . . .

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