June 19, 2008

What the?!?!

LOL . . . LOL . . . What the?!?!

When I saw this . . . I was shocked . . . for so many reasons. Maybe you don't see it the same . . . when I right clicked, it took me to the site and I cringed even more . . . (http://store.americanapparel.net/swim.html)

Now, I'm not model Material --compared to a stereotypical model these days! BUT I just couldn't believe some of the swimsuits that are shown and then the 'who' they are on!!! (for ex: the HAIRY HAIRY man legs that are shown w/ the trunks!!! lol --I feel I have a right to shriek about that because I have my fair share of hair!!! lol)

I live in a society that hasn't been exposed to many 'realistic' looking 'models' -you know?! I'm used to seeing the perfect, airbrushed, look --and this is nothing like that! impressive in some way, I guess . . .

*to each their own . . . to each their own . . .*

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