April 29, 2008

she made it all better

I just had to blog about this:

Today was (still is) a BIG/BUSY day for us. We had to go to the vet w/ the puppy for her first check up and shots --on the way, Kryssa was petting her and talking to her about getting shots . . . how she has to get hers in order to go to school and how if the puppy is good for her shots maybe they'll give her a sticker --"when I get my shots, I'm good and I get a sticker and sometimes a lollipop. Maybe you'll get a sticker after you get your shots . . . it's gonna be okay, you just have to get your shots like me . . ."

It was tooooo cute!! I'm driving to the vet enjoying the whole conversation.

Leaving the vet's, we brought back Pinky and Browny (I dropped them off yesterday morning to get declawed) and I feel soooo sad for them. They are still pretty out of it and super tired/drained PLUS, poor them, they have their front legs wrapped all the way up and they can't really walk the same right now. They keep trying to shake the bandages off and it just tires them out even more. I can't wait until the bandages come off and we can enjoy our declawed kitties!!! I just want to cuddle w/ them and make it all better --but I'm sure they're just fine . . .poor kitties . . .

I'm in the middle of a Yum-Yummies order. I'm waiting to hear from my customer. We are almost coming to the 'pick-up' time and he still hasn't confirmed the name on the cake!!! ahhhh!! I have a 'plan b' though -in case he just shows up to pick it up and still hasn't responded. OH! and to make things hairier --his phone is not letting calls go through right now!! :( So, he hasn't checked his email and I can't get a hold of him on his phone . . . I shall just wait . . .

Then, tonight, I have 24 red chili peppers to make and 48 maracas to make AND paint!!! woohoo, I'm having a party tonight!!

Chris gets to go to tonight's SPURS game . . . our neighbor won tickets on the radio yesterday morning and she invited him to join her. How super nice of her and how super nice for him!! hee hee. :D They'll have fun and, honestly, I'll have a fun time molding the toppers (it's a lot of fun for me . . . I love being crafty and creative!!), while Kryssa enjoys watching Snow Buddies! (Thanks Rachael!! :D )

what a night...

And then I'll work Wed., Thurs., Friday -daytime, w/ the kids and then in the evening, on the cupcake order (working on whatever I don't finish tonight, w/ the toppers) --and then I'm done w/ JLM (for now, at least. I don't know if there's more childcare for me in the future . . .) -for now, I'll focus on Yum-Yummies! :) So far, it's goin WAY better than I had hoped for --God is Awesome and everything is just falling into place. How exciting!!!

Oh, the stats on the pup: she weighs 10 lbs and the doc thinks she has some Corgi in her. He also thinks she won't pass 20lbs --we'll see!

have a wonderful evening!

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