October 31, 2007

Ah, Halloween (a relaxing ah, not scared ah)

So, I hope this doesn't get too long . . .

Today, I really felt like super mom!! :D It's a great feeling -but not something I'd like to do every day. So, I had a last minute Yum-Yummies! order that came in yesterday and I had them ready to go --all I needed was a box before delivery--. So, Kryssa and I went to purchase the box. From there we went to deliver them. After that, we went to purchase last minute things for Chris and Kryssa's costumes. Let me see . . . and then . . . I think we came home and started the whole busy busy stuff --I made Kryssa's bat wings, ears and mask. Then I baked our cupcakes for tonight. While those were cooling, I started on Chris's Jack head (from last year -but it needed some improvements). By that time, my parents arrived and then shortly after came chris and then right after him came his dad. So, the FUN started!! :D Pizza, cupcakes, candy, "Batty" and Jack were great for entertainment. Then the "fun" got a little hectic -right before "trick or treat" time. I'm so happy -Stacie, Gavin, and Nichole came over- Kryssa had a little friend to trick or treat with!! :D Then a little later, Ashley, Amanda, and Hannah joined us --so Kryssa had two little friends to trick or treat with. She had a BLAST!!!!

So, Chris was Jack again --but this time he could actually see out of the Jack head -lol- So, he had a BLAST! He even went to a couple of houses, as Jack, to trick or treat and he said that the reactions were great -lol-.

Well, I didn't want this to get too long . . . soooooo, we had a wonderful day, evening, and night!! :D Kryssa was thrilled to be the little bat she wanted to be --she didn't want to take her wings off when it was potty/bed time. I had a wonderful time seeing how Chris and Kryssa enjoyed their costumes --that was enough for me. But then you add friends and family . . . it only gets better!!! :D

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