October 10, 2007

No "wake up call" this morning

Well, Kryssa is in Austin. We dropped her off at Grandma and Grandpa's last night and they drove to Austin this morning. We will be picking her up tomorrow. It's been really really strange around here. Normally, if she spends the night with Grandma, I see her the next day around this time 2pm, sometimes earlier. But last night, Chris and I joked, "Did you check on Kryssa?", as we jumped into bed. We always check on her one last time before we turn off our light and settle into bed. Well, this morning, I heard a russling noise and my first thought was, "oh, here comes Kryssa." --then I remembered, "oh, wait. Kryssa isn't here . . . what was that noise then?" Then I realize that my cats are making a bunch of noise waiting to come out of their room. I am sooooo used to Kryssa coming down the hallway and jumping into bed with me to wake me up. No need for an alarm --she wakes me up around 8:40am every morning. So, today, I dosed off again and didn't wake up until 1pm!!! Oh my!! I got more than enough rest . . . so, it's been really wierd being here at home without my energetic 3 year old. I miss her, I do, but I'm enjoying this time too.

So, enough blogging, I have to go enjoy being "Mishelly" w/ Chris --not mommy and daddy, until tomorrow!! hee hee I get to bake, clean, go out, and work w/out Kryssa. It's going to be different . . .

(I know I know, it may not sound like a lot of fun to clean -but it has to get done and I'm sure it will get done quicker than usual. Baking is what I really enjoy doing and without her here to aske to "taste it" every 10 mins . . . well, that will go by quickly also -ha ha. And working -well, with the work that I do, she basically "comes to work with me" every time I work. So, I am working tonight and it will just be me and a baby --she will be sad to know she didn't get to see him again -but I know she is having a blast with Antie and Uncle, in Austin!! Yay for her and Yay for us!! :D

Enjoy your weekend!

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