September 30, 2007

Yup, I'm 25!

Okay, so it's about time that I take some time to blog . . . so, I'll blog about about MY BRITHDAY!!

So, my bday celebration started on Wednesday -9/26. I drove up to Austin and my sis took me out to The Cheesecake Factory, YUM!! I had my favorite, meat loaf. Then, for dessert, I ordered a slice of WHITE CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY TRUFFLE --
Creamy Cheesecake Swirled with White Chocolate and Raspberry--. Oh how delicious!! Then we did some girly shopping and I got some great fun stuff from Bath & Body Works. We shopped and shopped and I didn't find much of what she was hoping I would find --from my bday wish list-- BUT I do LOVE all the Bath & Body Works items and accessories that I received!!

My sis and her hubby bbq'd some chicken . . . I drove back home and Kryssa had fallen asleep on the road so straight to bed she went and Chris and I got to enjoy some quiet time together. :)

The next little adventure was on Thursday --we enjoyed a free movie (with the donation of 3 cans of food) . . . well, we actually didn't "enjoy" it all that much! GOOD LUCK CHUCK was not a hit for us . . . then the sad emotional moment came: My party had to be canceled .. So, the day I had been looking for seemed to come to an end. I was no longer excited and looking forward to turning 25. Little did I know that it would still turn out to be one of the best, if not THE BEST, bday ever!!!

So, Friday, 9/28, after sobbing and moping some more about having my party canceled, I got several phone calls from my great friends asking if I wanted to do somthing to celebrate, if they could take me out, or even have me over for dinner . . . I really appreciate my wonderful friends --those sure are "Friends"--. Well, Chris gave me a call and let me know that Kryssa would be staying with my parents over night so that he could take me out --whatever I wanted to do (to make up for the cancelation of my celebration)-- SO . . . I chose to go to my childhood favorite (still my favorite) restaurant, Mexican Manhattan (over the River Walk). I ate my favorite little meal and then from there we happened to run into one of Chris's business customers who owns the River City PediCab business and he gave us a complimentary ride to the Alamo area --where we took a horse and carriage ride! :) Now, that has some great meaning in our life together: On our very first date we took a horse and carriage ride together (12/2001) --and we hadn't taken another ride since then. So, it brought back some wonderful memories!! And then from there, Chris and I went and stood (and took pictures) in the pavilion where we shared our very first dance (the same night of our first date). We just stood there for a while, thinking "wow . . . remember?! . . ." Then we went back to the River and walked around for a bit --after that, we finally headed home. :) That night SO made up for my party being canceled --but Chris didn't think so apparently---he still felt horrible.

Saturday, I woke up bright and early and started on a cake order for Patricia, an old friend from middle school. After finishing that up, I rushed off to a rehearsal . . . then Patricia came over to pick up the cake --we hung out for a bit and played guitar hero -hee hee!!-. Oh, I forgot to mention that, while at rehearsal, I recieved my first gift: a scrap book box (is that what it's called, Monica?) --it is so BEAUTIFUL and I can't wait to fill it up with some pictures :) . So, then when Patricia got to the house, I received my second gift of the day: foot cream, scrub, soak and a pair of slippers!!! "Oh, Chriii-issss . . . you can give me a fot massage now . . . " Lol!! I really enjoyed Patricia's company. We hadn't spent any time like that since we were 13 or so --something like that!! Wow! Huh?!

Then came the big suprise --so, Chris had been out all day (kryssa too, she was at Grandma's till Chris picked her up after work) -he worked in the morning and then did some serious shopping -apparently. Well, when we were playing guitar hero, he tells me not to go to the garage. I see him, through the window, opening up his trunk and since I really like suprises, I scoot over to avoid seeing what he would be pulling out of his trunk. Then I hear him doing stuff in the garage (wrapping the 'gift' I'm assuming). Well, dinner plans for that evening were at Olive Garden. It was supposed to be my parents, father-in-law and Jess and Marissa . . . as we are on our way to the restaurant, he realizes that he forgot the gift in the garage and he fusses a bit about how he can't believe it!! I try to convince him to turn around --I really wanted whatever gift I was going to get from him to be opened with the others--. Well, traffic, going the opposite direction, was horrible so he said there was no way that we would make it on time if we turned back around on 1604. :( I was a bit bummed but figured it would be nice to open it up and enjoy it together, at home.

A big suprise at Olive Garden --Chris had called some of my friends (that I had invited to the Friday Celebration) to celebrate with our family at Olive Garden. It was soooo nice to see everyone! So, not only did he pull that off without me knowing about it (at all!!), he also, bought me a beautiful boquet of pink roses --he actually went to a flower shop, picked out flowers and had them arranged for me . . . Wow!! For him to do something like that --that is super special!!! :D

Dinner was delicous . . . OH, I forgot to mention how earlier that day I got a phone call from him asking what I thought abot him 'buying' a cake for me instead of making it this year (he has always made my bday cakes, since we've been together) --I understood that he was pressed for time so the best thing I could think of was an ice cream cake from Baskin Robins!! :p So, the cookies 'n cream cake was super yummy!!! After, dinner and dessert (and the crazy bday song), I opened up my gifts . . . my father-in-law got me Godiva chocolates, Season 3 of Grey's Anatomy and a really cool cook book stand/holder!! :) My mom and dad gave me a Payless gift card (which I asked for and was super happy to get!! I can never decide what shoes to get -between the American Eagle shoes and new Airwalks . . . ), more chocolates (Lindt Truffles, Gheredilli *spelling*), Old Navy gift card, Brain Age 2 (for my dslight). So, far I was getting everything from my wish list . . . Ciara got me a super cute pair of knee high socks (magenta and pink striped) and a special Willow Tree figuring :) . So, then we started chit chatting and talking about how we are going to have a girls night to watch Grey's Anatomy and eat chocolates . . . then in the middle of all the laughs and chit chat, I see Chris handing me a beautifully wrapped box. I had NO idea it was the Mac because we had agreed that I would get it in October when the new operating system comes out . . . So, I start trying to guess what it might be and as I rip off the paper, I don't recognize the box (since I've never seen a mac box . . .) until I see the words "MacBook". I couldn' believe it!!! I was TOTALLY suprised! He got me GOOOOOOD!!! :D The whole day was amazing and full of suprises!! :D

Celebrating my 25th was so memorable and beyond "enjoyable" --I LOVED being with great people that night and, of course, I LOVED getting my Mac!!! I felt soooo spoiled. But my family was really happy for me . . . "THANKS HUNNY!!!"

I've been jumping around all day -besides while singing, cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping-- and I'm loving every second of learning and playing with my comp. My comp is voice command capable!! How super cool is that? Okay, so maybe you already know that --or have a feature like that---. But I've been talking to my comp all night and it even talks back!! Lol . . . if I say "computer, tell me a joke" --IT WILL!!! LOL!!! Oh, and I'm really getting a kick out of the 'photo booth' program it has . . . so, you might be seeing some super silly photos of me in the near future . . .

Anyway!! I look forward to enjoying all of my gifts . . .

Thank you, to any and everyone, who sent me a comment or message . . . or phone call, text message, etc. And especially those who were able to celebrate with us at the last minute. Turning 25 turned out to be just as wonderful as I had hoped.

I even wondered at some point "was the party cancelation part of this whole bday suprise?!? . . ." --j/k --he still feels horrible that it had to be canceled --but either way, it turned out to be WONDERFUL!!! :D

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