September 6, 2007

"Mr. Mom"

So, I'm in bed -still- BUT doing quite a bit better than yesterday and the day before.  The fever is gone -for the most part, my throat isn't as swollen, my body doesn't ache as much . . . my ears still hurt, my nose is still runny and stuffy, my body is still uncomfortable, I still have a painful cough, my voice sounds funny -unless, it's a "good" moment.  I'm watching all sorts of baby shows on TLC -so, I'm having my "I want a baby" moment -LOL!!!
I have the next 3 days to get well before I start working a 55 hour week! YIKES!!!  That's sooooo not my norm!! ha ha ha --But, I'm excited to have Gabriel for the week again!!  
Chris has been wonderful these past few days.  I wasn't sure what it was going to be like because we were both off yesterday and whenever I've been sick, I am the one home with Kryssa and he is out at work.  So, it was great to se how he jumped right in and took care of everything!!!  Praise God!!  I went downstairs this morning and realized that Chris had cleaned the entire downstais!!! How wonderful, huh?!    Yesterday, him and Kryssa were like best buds . . . it was great to see!  I missed her so much -she came into my room only to say bye and good night . . . I still haven't been able to cuddle and smother her with kisses .  They went out for lunch together, ran errands together . . . he was even the one to take Kryssa to her 3 year check up -which I don't think he's ever done . . .
So, Kryssa is still growing on the bottom of the curve -she's in the 10 percentile . . . crazy, huh?!  She is 35 inches and only 26 pounds -ha ha ha!!  I knew babies under a year that weighed about what she weighs right now, at 3!! lol  So, her doctore finally agrees that she is just going to be a petite little girl.  The doctor estimated that, with the way she is growing now, that she will grow to be about 5' 1" --which is what I am . . .  --my poor baby!  ha ha ha  The great news is that, according to Kryssa's evaluation, she is mentally growing along a 4 year old level!! Yay, right?!  BUT she unfortunately likes to act like a one and a half year old!!!! LOL --seriously though.  She has her moments where she likes to show off her "big girl" skill but then the other time, she babbles like a baby and wants me to hold her and do everything for her --when I KNOW that she is able to do it all on her own.  I just tell myself that she will get to that point in life where she won't want me to help her anymore --and I will still want to help her.  So, I might as well enjoy whatever I can right now . . . right?!  hee hee

So, if you want to bring me soup and crackers -giggle- you'll be my new best friend!! LOL
*just teasin' --Chris stocked me up yesterday  --but anything else, feel free -"tee hee"

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